More photos from my roadtrip to the filming locations for STRANGER THINGS!

Hawkins Middle School (aka Stockbridge Elementary and High Schools–they’re side by side–in Stockbridge, Georgia.

This sign is still up at the school.

As a little bit of extra color commentary, as I was leaving the school I decided to drive around it, to see if there was something I might have missed. As I drove around behind the gymnasium, I interrupted a prostitute busy earning her pay with some john! They looked a tad surprised, though glad I wasn’t a cop, I’m sure. Understandably I didn’t snap a photo of them. I just waved.

Here’s Eleven stealing waffles from Bradley’s Big Buy (in Palmetto, Georgia).

The manager of the store is a cool dude named David, and he took me around to show me the exact spots where filming took place.
The spot where Eleven took the Eggos out of the freezer.

They have a little “shrine” set up in the store.

According to my man David, this is the spot where Eleven, with her injured leg, crouched on the floor in season three.

This pawn shop was used as the bait and tackle shop in season one.

The kids rode their bicycles up and down Menelee Street in Palmetto, Georgia in season one.

In my final post about this trip, Ill show you the pics from my trip to Starcourt Mall!

By The Evil Cheezman

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