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Oversaturation is a concern, but if it applies to STRANGER THINGS it’s not anything that we’re going to have to worry about anytime soon. Possibly it will never become an issue. STAR WARS is a good example of something that is impervious to oversaturation, as if STAR TREK. Tolkien. Werewolves, vampires, and zombies. And, unfortunately, doctor shows and singing competitions. Those last two pestilences will NEVER go away.

As it stands right now, people can’t get enough STRANGER THINGS. They are, however, going to have to wait. The third season won’t debut until summer 2019. It will doubtless be worth the wait. Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, has said that the third season will be “very different” from what we’ve seen before. We’re supposed to see a more ass-kicking version of Sheriff Hopper, while David Harbour advised fans to look to the movies that came out in the summer of 1985 for hints as to the season’s plot. (Note: That’s when THE GOONIES came out, so maybe we’re gonna see a pirate ship!) Millie Bobby Brown has said that her character’s storyline will be “beautiful,” and executive producer Shawn Levy promised the season would be “darker” and “ambitious,” and promised: “There will be very much the ghost of John Carpenter and other ’80s horror directors.” I would interpret that to mean that the season will have the feel of a Carpenter flick and other classic 80s Horror films.

Waitaminute! John Carpenter directed THE FOG, which had ghost pirates! And Harbour said to look to the movies that came out in the summer of 85, which is when THE GOONIES opened, and it had a pirate…I’ve got it! Season three of STRANGER THINGS will feature pirate ghosts! Boom! Major scoop! And remember, you heard it here first! Pirate ghosts!

The Evil Cheezman • August 7, 2018

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