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-STRANGER THINGS at Baskin-Robbins

I’ve been trying to track down the official Steve working at Scoops Ahoy Funko figure, on sale exclusively at participating Baskin-Robbins ice cream shops. I was told by the pleasant young man at my nearest one that the figures sold out as soon as they were unloaded from the truck. He took my number and promised to give me a call when or if they got more of them in stock. I have my fingers crossed, but I’m betting I end up having to resort to eBay.

All of (participating) Baskin-Robbins has been transformed into Hawkins, Indiana in celebration of the upcoming third season of STRANGER THINGS. In addition to collectible merchandise and official STRANGER THINGS , they are offering special STRANGER THINGS-inspired flavors and treats: the Upside-Down Pralines, Eleven’s Heaven, the Elevenade Freeze, the USS Butterscotch pre-packaged quart, the Byers House Lights Polar Pizza, and the Upside-Down Sundae (complete with waffle!). My favorite edible goody, though, is the Demogorgon Sundae, which, if looked at from above, resembles the Demogorgon’s flower-petal all-mouth head!

I eagerly await seeing what monsters they will be featuring in season three. They won’t release any monster-themed merchandise until after the series airs, so as not to spoil the visual surprise. In the meantime, we’ll just have to content ourselves with ice cream. I can do that.

The Evil Cheezman • June 9, 2019

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