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STRANGER THINGS Action Figures On The Way

I already own the adorable Funko version of the Demogorgon. He sits and stares at me as I type this article, in fact–if he CAN stare. I have yet to see any pronounced eyes on the guy. No eyes, no nose, just that flower-petal head and all those TEETH! Oh, but wait…Funko is making these upcoming figures too, so I’ll have to specify to differentiate. The Funko POP! figure of the Demogorgon is the one I have. It has been available for a little while. These new figures are more akin to the company’s “ReAction Figures” line. They’re comparable to the recently released TWIN PEAKS figures, who are currently standing at attention near my Demogorgon on my desktop.

If you want them all, though–and of course you want them all–you’re going to have to buy BOTH packs. There are two, yes, each containing three figures. One contains little plastic versions of Will, Dustin, and the Demogorgon, while the other contains figures of Eleven (complete with a waffle), Lucas, and Mike. Where’s Sheriff Hopper, though? Probably he’ll be featured in a future line of figures, along with Nancy and that dork she was seeing, Jonathan, Joyce, and Dr. Brenner. Wait, though, what about Will? They’re gonna need more figures if they want to stick to that three-pack format.

The current figures are scheduled for release in August.

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The Evil Cheezman • July 6, 2017

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