Steve Pink Goes from Male Comedy to Werewolf Spoof

Sorry guys, but I just can’t get into the whole man-comedy trend, –a bunch of guys, getting drunk and doing stupid shit… Wow, who knew you had to go to the movies to see that? Hot Tub Time Machine looks moderately entertaining, but watching the trailer, all I could find myself looking forward to was seeing Chevy Chase in a rare cameo, –I mean, that’s an actor. A real one. Not some random guy who popularizes the ability to make every conversation sound like engine trouble, –and then calling it “naturalistic dialogue” in the special feature commentary.

Back to the main subject though, –Steve Pink, the director of Hot Tub Time Machine, his only other real success being the screenplay of Grosse Point Blank. So we have to give him respect for that, at least. Now, he’s developing a werewolf movie spoof, called “Werewolves of Reseda”. has more details:

“One movie that’s been on the lips of just about everyone this week is Steve Pink’s Hot Tub Time Machine. While we’ve yet to check it out ourselves, from what we hear, it’s pretty damned funny. Even better, said director is looking to flex a little genre muscle for his next flick!

According to Slash Film the next project for Pink (pictured right) will be the horror comedy Werewolves of Reseda, which is being billed as The Hangover meets Teen Wolf.

“The screenplay by Brian Frank tells the story of a group of guys who gradually turn into werewolves, which somehow benefits their suburban family lives.””

It’s so hard to find good werewolf movies, why do we even need a spoof?! Can someone please, take a decent budget, and make a good werewolf movie, before we start making fun of them? Why not spoof vampires?!

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