Stephen King’s Silver Bullet

In memory of Corey Haim Werewolves.Com presents Stephen King’s Silver Bullet.

When a drunken railway worker is found dead on the tracks after the night of a full moon no one in the small town of Tarker’s Mills has any idea that their long nightmare has begun.

Before Corey Haim became a Lost Boy he starred in Stephen King’s Silver Bullet as Marty Coslaw, a young paraplegic boy who finds himself caught in the middle of a series of gruesome murders. First his girlfriend’s father is brutally slain causing the rest of her family to move away and then his best friend is also found murdered. There are other killings as well, in fact at least one person is killed every month and always during a full moon.

The police are sure there’s a maniac on the loose but Marty thinks that something far more sinister is to blame. After the funeral of his best friend Brady (played by Joe Wright) he confides to his alcoholic uncle Red (played by Gary Busey) that he believes that a werewolf has been killing the people of Tarker’s Mills. This revelation is of course met with disbelief since everyone knows there are no such things as werewolves.

Nevertheless Marty is determined to prove to his uncle that the werewolf is real. In fact after Marty is attacked by the werewolf, injuring it with a firework to the eye allowing him to escape, convincing uncle Red becomes a matter of life and death. With the help of his sister Jane (played by Megan Follows) Marty must discover the werewolf’s identity before it’s too late by finding the person in town who is now missing an eye.

After spending an entire day searching the town for a suspect Jane becomes discouraged and begins to feel the fool. That is until she accidentally stumbles across the man with the missing eye, the local preacher Reverend Lowe (played by Everett McGill). Now that they know who the werewolf is it’s time to get uncle Red on board. Red refuses to budge on the matter until Marty confesses that he has been sending Reverend Lowe anonymous letters demanding that he kill himself. Red is furious until Reverend Lowe, in retaliation to the letters tries to kill Marty by running him off a bridge.

Red isn’t convinced that Reverend Lowe is a werewolf but it’s obvious that something about the Reverend just isn’t right. Now with uncle Red in tow Marty and Jane devise a plan to destroy the werewolf and even though there are hundreds of different legends they all claim one thing… It takes silver to kill a werewolf.

Silver Bullet is based on the Stephen King novella Cycle of the Werewolf and even though the special effects may seem primitive today they are still pretty impressive. Particularly impressive is the Reverend’s reversion from werewolf back to human. A great movie all round with one hell of a climax, I highly recommend Silver Bullet to any werewolf fan.

RIP Corey

December 23, 1971- March 10, 2010


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