Steampunk and Werewolves in ‘The Order: 1886’ Coming to PS4

First I revealed some Xbox One werewolf news and now I’ve got some PS4 werewolf news! The new IP The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn was announced at E3 and it brings steampunk style to the werewolf-filled streets and zeppelin-filled skies of Victorian London. If you like alternate history, steampunk weaponry and werewolves, then this upcoming shooter is a must-have. Check out the details below.

ps4-game-6948_mid_img7Sony announced The Order: 1886 for the PlayStation 4, developed by Ready at Dawn. Set in Victorian London, the game will follow The Order, a group who fight supernatural threats.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Ready at Dawn CEO and Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya revealed that The Order has been in the works since 2010 and that they were waiting for a console to do everything they had envisioned for this game. The setting is an alternate universe where the Industrial Revolution came about as an effort to win a centuries-old war against inhuman enemies. There will be alternate versions of real-world historical figures that help you in your quest, however, who those figures are has yet to be revealed.

As for The Order…

“The Order is the group that has been watching over mankind,” Weerasuriya said, and the tides have recently turned in their favor following humanity’s headlong stumble into the Industrial Revolution. With all-new weapons at their disposal, humans have finally been able to hold their own against this mysterious threat, and it’s at this point that The Order: 1886 begins in earnest.“

Weerasuriya went on to explain the game’s plot. “The idea came from a lot of places. Of course, it takes a team to build an IP. A big part of the original genesis of the project was ideas that I have been toying with for a long time. I’ve always wanted to write something that was less created, as in I could make anything I wanted to. I was always thinking of how much better we could make things if it was grounded in the reality that people knew.”

Check out the trailer:

And here are some photos:

What do you think so far? I wish I had more on the game – like images of the supernatural creatures – but alas, I do not.

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  1. The trailer doesn’t show the look of the creatures, how do you know those are werewolves? Also, how do you know werewolves are in the game?

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