Spoiler: Could Our Favorite Werewolf, Alcide Win Sookie Over For Good or Will Bill Fight for Her?

Fans are excited for season 7 of “True Blood” as new spoilers emerge for Bill, Sookie, and Alcide, as well as the half-faerie Adilyn Bellefleur. (“@TrueBloodWorld: ‘True Blood’ HBO Season 7 SPOILERS: Sookie and Alcide Live Happily Ever …

the night desk’s insight:
At the end of season 6 of True Blood we saw a very happy Alcide and Sookie, and a very confused Bill. In the beginning of the True Blood series I couldnt help but to root for Sookie and Bill to overcome all their supernatural baggage, but now I am rooting for Alcide to get the girl. How bout you.. who do you want to win her love?

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  1. Really? Do we really need updates to know how crappy the Weres are in True Blood? The writers dont care about them, why should we? Just look at season 6.

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