Spiritual Shapeshifting

In ancient times there were once wise shamans that wished not to physically transform into animals, but to instead to absorb the strength, agility, nobility and spiritual power of the animals they admired and respected. And so I bring you spiritual shapeshifting – not the power to change the form of your body, but the ability to spiritually transform into the essence of a wolf.

Unfortunately this is easier said than done. To do this properly you need an incredible amount of control, direction and knowledge. I recommend first doing as much research as possible on wolves. Watch documentaries, read books, and memorize everything. How do their bodies work, their strengths and their weakness – from their pads to their snout. What do they eat, how do packs work, how do they hunt? And on and on, learn as much as you can about this majestic animal.

Second, more research. But this time study spiritualism and relaxation. Yes, relaxation. I’m afraid being in a perfect state of relaxation is very difficult. Being able to clear your mind and focus perfectly on one goal is not an easy task. As for spiritualism, learn the details behind spiritual shapeshifting; learn about auras and earthly powers. Do certain colors mean specific things? What does it mean to contact the spiritual plane? Learn everything you can so that you can get a better understanding of what you need to do.

As for actually doing the spiritual wolf transformation yourself, you will need guides. You can’t sit in your room, close your eyes real tight and wish over and over to be a wolf. Haha, it’s more work than that. There are entire books on the topic, but the one I would recommend is The Werewolf Book by Brad Steiger. Now, this may be an encyclopedia on overall werewolf information, but there is a long section about spiritual shapeshifting in it. Steiger wrote out very detailed and complicated instructions for those that wish to attempt to bring out their spiritual wolf. That is why I choose this book, because he specifically targets wolves, not all animals. If you are genuinely interested in this sort of thing then I recommend picking the book up.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


  1. i have only one question at this time and that is why would i be dreaming that im safe in the company of werewolves. and at other times vampires. no i’m not scared of them as a matter of fact i get a better nights sleep when i have those dreams. i sleep stright through the night. so can anyone tell me. or do i need to keep looking for answers. elsewhere. as far as i am concerned they both are real as grandmas home baked bread. i dont get what the big deal is. no i haven’t seen one lately, or have i.

  2. now as for the spiritual transformations. whos to say we don’t already do this in our dreams. i mean you can gain controle of most things in your dreams. or at least i can.

  3. so they are real is anyone a real lycan thts wat they liked 2 be called. and if u are i really want to be a werewolf!!!!!!!!

      1. Help me!! I’m a beginner lycan, only in the dream world know getting information from my mate in the future telling me everything but I want to me a current real lycan, like me in the flesh or at least talk to someone who won’t like I’ve lost my mind. Tell me everything you know about the “change”.

  4. What ur email trust me im not a bad girl i swaer on the bible. Or u can tell me on here but in kentucky I KNO ITS NOT RIGHT TO BUT MY ADRESS AND I WONT!i dont wanna be… well i get it. shew i REALLY WANNA BE ONE! and moonlight wrote tht some may be lyin so im carful.

  5. sorrry, forgot…. I’M SO SORRY, I REALLY AM! TRUST ME, I REALLY AM SORRY! I DIDNT MEAN IT THAT WAY! sorry, it is that, its a real secret, but i guess that anyone can know, ok, go on the 30th of march, on a full moon. go to the nearest field, sleep, and howl at the moon. the day after, you HAVE to have the left tooth of a wolf, the color of wolf you chose, will be the color of werewolf you will be females then you have the special ability of being able to control yourself, when in tranformation form. like my culture is the silverwolf. but then again, i was born with it. but be careful of vampires…..

    1. Ok but i dont have a feild and im only twelve going on 13 and wat if i dont have time. i live in kentucky and can u control urself? i wanna be one so bad ot hurts and i kno u wanna keep it a secret so noone can find u but…. well thanks anyway i wrote it down in my notes. i have alot of notes about ur kind. thanks anyways

  6. like, as long as you don’t chose the rite tooth, only girls can controlthemselcves……. but please, don’t eat vampire, they give o BAD indegestion……

  7. moonlight i dont and i never did put personal info! and silverwolf i go camping alot of places and mostly go to mammoth cave, ect and im with my dad BUT i go walkin by myself i mostly do that, i like being alone and stuff. thanks

  8. why do you thnx me? any way, if you never have anytime, always try to sneek out side, or if you ever have a sleep over on a cloud free night, and it’s a full moon, always try to encourage your friends to sleep out side with you

  9. Thts smart and guess wat i am a wolf! i am strong and fast i love to run and im almost never cold at all. i change everynight cause when i geet up a ach bad and im a brown wolf with black my muzzle has a lot of white with brown and tan on there tooo! i was bite when i was 4 or 5 by a wolf man and i didnt kno i was until i read somthing and i aint lying etier! so DONT CALL ME A LIER. * also i have a temper so dont test me!) (Am i a werewolf)

  10. srry all tht stuff is from me she wolf and tht stuff from ForestChildOfWolves tht was from me 2. i didnt see it so i wrote it again BLONDIE MOMNET! haha i swear ima wolf cause i can feel it!

    1. Please help me!! I am a werewolf and I’m going through major changes, I got to different places in my dreams and I can talk to animals. I can time travel in my dreams and everything. I don’t know if my body will change but if so, than I want to know everything I can. What happens when you “change”? I need all the info possible. Please I’m only 14. Email me!!!!

  11. ok ppl i am a spiritual wrerwolf okay n trust me its better to M-Shift ok n we all werewolves has a bad temper shewolf. being a werewolf iz hard even 4 me i have my m-shifting under controll but not my temper

  12. yea! and im a spritul werewolf 2 and i shift everynight unless someone is near me or a friend is over. sigh i wish tht humans could understand us. And thanks wolfboy13 and im only 13! i dont have a mate or a pack cause i cant find any werewolves were i live. i live in Kentucky and i really want a mate to be with. i dont know what to do. :(

  13. I’m a ‘spiritual werewolf’ but I prefer to be called a therian, and Shewolf, I also live in Kentucky, I was starting to think that I was the only one in this state XD

  14. “doing as much research as possible on wolves. Watch documentaries, read books, and memorize everything. How do their bodies work, their strengths and their weakness – from their pads to their snout. What do they eat, how do packs work, how do they hunt? And on and on, learn as much as you can about this majestic animal.”

    You do know that most of the stuff about wolves is based on captive ones do you?

  15. I’m am 11 year old and have been dreaming to be a shape shifter that turns into 3 kinds of diffrent animals for sense i was 5.i want to be a werewolf,dragon,and a sea monster.I know lol right but ive always wanted to fly and breath fire,run fast and be strong…and brave,and swim alsome.Its what i want to be.

  16. I want to be a werewolf so someone please help im 14 and i’ve been wanting to be a werewolf since i was about 10 if someone can help me change that would be great.

  17. im a guy thats been wanting to be a werewolf since i can remember. i sometimes feel that i already am but at other times i feel like a normal person. i need help and i wan to be a real werewolf because its not just a lifelong dream its my calling. i can feel it. but i need someones help. if there are any real werewolves please help me.

    1. For anyone who wants to be a werewolf nd have the abillity to shapeshift contact me on my facebook.I can’t give the information here because only few are of the Blood.If you ignore this you will never become one.

  18. Sorry Dylan, if you’re meant to be one you will be someday. In the meantime, being human isn’t all bad, or so I assume. You don’t have to worry about getting all weird when the moon’s full. Not to mention…heightened senses + high school? Not pleasant.

    Anyway, the Benandanti do this too, did you guys know that? It’s awesome. All the strength and power of a wolf without the fur!

    But we still get pissy before the full moon. :(

  19. Hi
    In my dream I saw people whose face rapidly shapeshift to werewolfs and back to normal in seconds, then a big dog come to me and sniff me at the stomach, I fell a strong felling then wakeup

  20. Awakened February 2020, born into the Ghost Moon wolf tribe. Been suppressing transformation in fear of something following me back to my family. Eyes or should say single eye constantly changing to green ( from blue ). Eye doctor confirmed rods have mutated similar to that of a canine. Believes when I say I have been living in an ultraviolet reality. Been almost a year and things are starting to get really odd… I’ve read some of these threads and for some of you that want and beg for this, be carful what you wish for. Looking for someone who understands Vedic religion in regards to the Ghost Wolf or anyone in general.
    Slipping in and out of the shadows is another trait I have learned to do swiftly.

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