Spells to Ward Off Werewolves

Let’s say you aren’t among those that wish to become a werewolf but instead want nothing more than to put an end to the beasts. Perhaps you’re a vampire looking to destroy your long-time rival, or a vengeful and bitter werewolf hunter, or maybe just a lost and confused human desiring nothing more than safety. If you fall into those categories then you’ll want to pay attention to this post, for it contains spells used to ward off werewolves.

When the moon is full recite this incantation to Diana, the Moon Goddess, to keep you safe from evil entities, specifically werewolves.

‘tis _____ (Name and Date) now, and at an early hour
I fain would turn good fortune and safe passage to myself,
Firstly at home and then when I go forth.
With the aid of the beautiful Diana, Goddess of the Moon,
Great Huntress with her pack of she-wolves,
I pray for protection evil werewolf fang and claw
ere I do leave this house! May her guiding and protecting hand kept me safe until my return.

Once this is recited you then let three drops of oil fall into the flame of a candle set out for Diana (preferably a white candle).

Now a spell to repel werewolves…

Well-protected may I be as I go forth to roam,
for Diana, beautiful Diana, I walk abroad with thy blessing.
I do implore thee to keep all evil from me;
I do beseech thee to drive all werewolves away from my path.
May you change deadly wolf intent and savage heart,
back to the human form of gentle man or woman.
May you quench the lust for blood
And transform it into love for thee.

Once finished saying this, like before, you drop three drops of oil into the flame of a candle.

Let’s hope that these simple spells are enough to keep you safe from the evils hiding in the shadows.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


  1. I see these and think that they might work but at the same time i think that they wont because it looks as if you want them in human form and to love you so which does it do????? keep them away in human form and werewolf form or only werewolf form????????

      1. Me again really vice versa . Sorry about that messed up sentence. Were do you live and I’ll ask my vampire freind or captive to see she knows you. And by the way comment again and my pack will hunt you down till you pray to live.

        #demon pack leader
        deal with it !!!!!!! Aliceoverton

        Demon red eye summon power can obliterate vampire weaklings like yourself vampiricprince.

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