A Spell to Become a Werewolf!

If you really, really want to become a werewolf, this is something you might want to try. Usually I provide a general disclaimer here about how it may be dangerous, the chances of it working are low, proceed with caution, yada yada yada. But this one is actually pretty harmless so go ahead and give it a shot and let us know how you make out!

First, get a mirror and wait until the sun goes down. Then turn on an artificial light that is just bright enough that you can see yourself. Focus on yourself, on all the small little details. Understand and focus on the shape of your nose, your shoulders, all the parts that you most imagine when you imagine yourself being in wolf’s form. But do not, and I repeat, do not focus on becoming a werewolf at this time. Just focus on yourself and accepting yourself and just being you. Focus on the you in the human form, and allow yourself to genuinely like the human you.

Do not think about becoming a wolf, or what you’ll look like as a wolf, or anything about transforming into a werewolf. Repeat this for at least 3 days, preferably 5, and even more if you feel as though you need to. Try to do it on the same time each day. This part allows you to be positive and accepting, and this creates energies that might make it possible for transformation.

For the next part, you won’t need the mirror anymore and although it doesn’t matter at what time of day you do it, you should keep doing it at the same time every day. In this part you’re doing the exact opposite and imagining the exact wolf you want to turn into. Picture as much as you can about the wolf you as possible. Keep doing this for at least one week, preferably two, and more until you can feel the fur, see the claws, etc. If you don’t see any results in at least 3 weeks, this one’s probably not going to work.

– Kate


  1. i had dream to be a werewolf many time only in full moon
    the more bizarre that and i always feel when there is full moon
    i have a passion for the moon and wolf
    anyway….i don’t know if i’m a wolf or not
    and why i have dream the full moon sometime??

    1. People on this page are playing a dangerous game with forces that you don’t understand. I am an ex-Satanist and I have personally dealt with the demons that cause these transformations and believe me when I tell you that the price a person pays to truly be turned is far worse than you can imagine. Any who read this, I suggest that you take my advice and leave well enough alone. There is an old saying. ” If you seek you will find.” This is one of those thing that if you find it I can personally tell you that you will regret it. Movies and fairy tells could never prepare you for the real thing.

      1. if you do not remember killing anything then it is possible or you are a phsycopath with a memory disorder

    2. just because you feel like a wolf or have strange feeling does not mean that you are a werewolf

    1. Why r u here if u don’t believe? I don’t get it. And why do u care about what other people think about a subject that obviously doesn’t affect u? And how wud u have found this website if u didn’t search up ‘werewolves’ or ‘werewolf spells’ and ‘spells to become a werewolf’. So by putting this comment here u r just making itself look like a really stupid mother f*cker. U stupid mother f*cker.

      1. were wolves do exist, honestly if you dont think they do you dont know what your talking about. i myself am true proof of one, but its true it comes with great responsibility and understanding and high price. for all please be careful.

    2. Just to say koralin yes they real and should know cause one of my friends believe in witches then she had send one to our little town

    3. weirdo they are real
      get your facts right leave people alone don’t destroy their dreams if you don’t believe
      you shouldn’t be on this website at all

    1. to undo a werewolf spell you must be killed by the werewolf that turned you and brought back by the grand witch of your region. good luck finding her/him.

  2. i have dreams that i am running in the woods at such a speed ive never ran before, and that there are other wolves around me as we run. other dreams i am able to jump on buildings and have super strength or i am fighting other wolves that defy my way of justice. sometimes i wake myself up because i am growling. whenever i look up at the moon i feel like crying and have this sense of loss because i cannot be this amazing creature that i feel inside me.
    sometimes when i run i let go and i can feel my wolf aching to come out. when i stop running i am not out of breath at all. i feel the need to hunt in me, to prowl and catch prey.
    i think that in my past life i was a werewolve and either i am getting the memories or it is trying to surface through and be free.
    if i was to become a werewolf i would only do good with it. i would never kill ppl for sport i can feel that. but maybe with the power i could do good in this world.
    i want to become a werewolf. i was born to be one.

    1. I feel the same way and i have a strange habit of catching and eating deer i have caught BY HAND! I did not use a gun or a knife or any other weapon! I caught it by hand! I feel strange when there is a full moon in sight and i get this scratching feeling inside as if somethig is dieing to be released. My dad is incredibly hairy and always has a somewhat wet nose with glowing gold eyes.my mom the same but shes not hairy she just growls a lot. I tend to chase ON ALL FOURS HOWL for hours on end, CHASE CARS, GROWL at those who anger me, and CHASE ANY MOVING THING that is going at a high speed for hours and i dont run out of breath either. Usually trip. I WHINE LIKE A DOG AND YELP when I get hurt and I love to BITE ON SQUEAKY TOYS!!! Do you think i was born to be one? I have always known i was different from other kids and not in personality, but in abilities and form.I know I am different and i want to embrace this feeling. I cant fight it any longer and i feel like squeaking my hot dog chew toy right now.Do you think i was born to be one, or am i just another hopeless person longing to be one?

  3. i have the same dreams were i am a werewolf i can feel it i really wish i could be the inner me i can feel it inside me its unexplainable but i feel like i was one in another time i am cherokee indian and i can feel it trying to come through but it doesnt i want this please somebody help i want to be a real living werewolf i want to be in a pack

  4. I tried it I cant belive it I cant stop focusing on my inner self I am a real werewolf only on a full moon just I don’t know how to hide it from my family

    1. Witchcraft cannot turn someone into a werewolf. I am a witch and I know, witchcraft is peace and energy balance not transformation.

      1. Did your training come from Traditional source and literature or the New Age rendition called Wicca?
        Do some reading from some old books. Also check a reference on Besom spells and follow the references to Lycanthropia. Hence A Gypsies curse or Cursed by a witch. Back then there was no “White or New Age” Mentality, And witchcraft was a thing of its own and not a compilation of bits and pieces for Chakra balance.
        Reference Witches “Working Forces”.

  5. hello, i’m looking up some information for a writing and i was wondering; is there anyway for someone to be turned into a werewolf by means of witchcraft? i know most magicians have the ability to shape shift themselves, but can they shift other people? if so, what would something like that require?

  6. Hey I had so many dreams of being a wolf and have these incredible insticts. It was when I was learning from my dogs and then it seems I learned super hearing, good sence of smell, super speed, scratching so much like a dog… Am I… something or did the dogs turn me into a wolf or something?

  7. I have these dreams, though I dont think they mean anything. But almost every night I have the similar dream. Anyway, I am in the woods as a wolf, i can feel the earth under my feet. I can smell the different trees around me. I can see a river up ahead, hear a nearby squirrel. I can also hear several other nearby wolves. I am sure they are like me. I growl and the wolves fall back. But shortly afyer the growl I wake up. What could this mean? Please help.

  8. 1 I thought you had to use a special Salve made by a witch, And have a belt made of wolf-skin with a solid silver buckle, at midnight on the full moon remove all the clothes you have on except the belt rub the salve on your arms legs and chest then swim across a pond. when you get across the lake and emerge a wolf on the other side.
    2 Or to drink water from the paw print of a wolf that has bitten you hard enough to draw blood. The drinking of the water must be done on the night of the full moon and must be done for 3 consecutive turns of the moon.
    3 To be bitten by a Werewolf the saliva must mix in the wound to contract the condition.
    4 To contract with the Dark entity in Legends, found in the deep woodlands. (Looks like a man in a black cloak). He is know to grant a wish to certain individuals including Shape shifting..

  9. i have many dreames of being a werewolf and immortal creature on the night but I would also like to be a vampire cuz that way u die and you can still see reall live people

  10. I am a animal it’s just a fact defensive of territory the forest seems lurering and night is bliss but I am always on guard the slightest sound changes me in to defense my most noticible wolf quality I am loyal beyond compare

  11. okay, so I’m new here and I’m not one to judge… but really? I am a witch and can tell you about a spell for about anything you want (I will accept personal suggestions, if you want a spell for yourself, but only if it is pure and does not cause harm to yourself, others around you, or the natural forces of balance.) but I have never heard of any spell along these lines that can actually turn you into werewolf. and don’t say it’s because I don’t believe, because I do… a lot more than most actually. I am a supernatural born lycan/nosferatu hybrid. my husband is a born werewolf, who I turned into a hybrid as well. so yes I believe. but if you really want a spell that works, I can help.

    1. I am oak born druid my family’s line is full of native American shamans, druids and at the beginning werewollves and I need a catalyst to activate if you will my dormant blood can you help me

  12. Oh brother, I want to be a werewolf so very bad…. for as long as I can remember. I love just going and walking into the wilderness for the piece and quiet. I have not found a firm; solid answer of how to become a werewolf. Every blog I type on, no one either replies to me or thry type some wierd that I know for sure wont work. So please ansure these answers truthully and provide as much detail as possible. Thank you so much.

  13. my name is peanut and i would like to try the werewolf thing out i wanted to be a werewolf sense i was born try watching movies of werewolves i just tried it and it did not work

  14. I don’t know why, but I know I’m a werewolf, like when I was saying a spell I felt something happen, and now I’m ready for what has to come. Do u guys feel the same way?

  15. Hi my Name is Zoe Maddern I just got to New Zealand I do not have any thing so if u guys know a witch plz give me him/her number I am a real dog person i like walking on four legs I am a animal lover and i really want to become a werewolf sometimes I dig with my hands i do not know if I am a wolf I love soft toys so plz get a witch to help me become one!

  16. Somedays no matter full moon or new moon i look up into the sky and i will black out as my friends would say and i feel in the cold night im warm then i look down and there i never thought it was real till i saw myself in that form but there is a curse you may go on a rampage and hurt or maybe even kill i dont kill people when this happens i kill creatures and i will find myself walking on all fours

  17. I would love to be a werewolf. But i do not have anyone to be my pack and help me since ppl think I am crazy. Can some one teach me to be a wolf? I would love to be a wolf. Tonight is a friday and a full moon. Oh please, I want to be a werewolf.

  18. Bro u know u will be able to shift any time after a few shifts an tell them they most Likely understand an a good thing is to have dog tags incase u get in wolfy trouble

  19. I LOVE WEREWOLVES SO MUSH! i feel like a sometimes at night with a long face, i only eat meant and drink water and go out a lot in the dark ( in a safe place) i like to go in a place that i can see people!!! i feel like a wolf a lot of times and i’m worm so mush! that i don’t care about the fall!!! (but don’t worry i won’t kill anyone) Happy Halloween guys!

  20. I tried so many spells and I don’t know if I’m doing them right :( but I do believe in werewolf a lot actually I don’t understand why it’s not working on me :( can some one tell help me figure out how to turn?

  21. Iv always stared at the full moons evrytime thier is one and i always now when it will ve one and i dream of wolfs and the moon and ive always loved wolfs. What does that mean

    1. it means that you have a fantasy that you wish was true and you found this site with everyone who wants the same thing. it’s not all that glorious and it is nothing like the movies.

  22. I’ve Realize That My Teeth Are So Sharp, I HAve A Hairy Body, Now I’am Carnivorous, My Anger Is Uncontrollable Even Our Principal On School He Can’t Make Me Calm Said My Classmate,I Have A Strong Senses About The Surroundings,And My Eye Vision Is Blurred And All The Time I’m Always Hungry.

  23. I am not sure if I am a werewolf or not but, my family really acts like it. I want to know! full moon soon, so make it snappy! OK?

  24. I don’t know if werewolves are real or if they were created out of the imagination of humans long ago

  25. Werewolves are real… I did a werewolf spell and woke up with 3 deep scratch marks on my side… I’m getting very close… I am seeking, yes… And like what I am finding

  26. it worked omg the ritual i did worked but there is side effects
    .anger problems i have them alot
    .teeth aches they really hurt alot because your canines are growing

  27. I love werewolfes and witches and all the other things and i really would like to be half-human half-werewolf or something, but i just like.. don’t believe so much. I don’t know, i want to believe and i do believe but when i read all your comments then i didn’t believe again. What to do?

  28. If you can control it then you’re fine…Only a uncontrollable Animal would kill people on sight.Or ofc,a Madman :)

  29. Are any of you older than 12? Seriously, learn to spell. You all look like absolute idiots. Punctuation is important. It very well may be the difference between coherance and and looking like a f*cking moron.

  30. Werewolves are real!!! And no, I am not a werewolf. I think. But anyways, I want to know how it feels to live like a werewolf and when you turn into a werewolf for the first time…. please help me… tell me before next year in April 12….

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