A Spell to Become a Werewolf!

If you really, really want to become a werewolf, this is something you might want to try. Usually I provide a general disclaimer here about how it may be dangerous, the chances of it working are low, proceed with caution, yada yada yada. But this one is actually pretty harmless so go ahead and give it a shot and let us know how you make out!

First, get a mirror and wait until the sun goes down. Then turn on an artificial light that is just bright enough that you can see yourself. Focus on yourself, on all the small little details. Understand and focus on the shape of your nose, your shoulders, all the parts that you most imagine when you imagine yourself being in wolf’s form. But do not, and I repeat, do not focus on becoming a werewolf at this time. Just focus on yourself and accepting yourself and just being you. Focus on the you in the human form, and allow yourself to genuinely like the human you.

Do not think about becoming a wolf, or what you’ll look like as a wolf, or anything about transforming into a werewolf. Repeat this for at least 3 days, preferably 5, and even more if you feel as though you need to. Try to do it on the same time each day. This part allows you to be positive and accepting, and this creates energies that might make it possible for transformation.

For the next part, you won’t need the mirror anymore and although it doesn’t matter at what time of day you do it, you should keep doing it at the same time every day. In this part you’re doing the exact opposite and imagining the exact wolf you want to turn into. Picture as much as you can about the wolf you as possible. Keep doing this for at least one week, preferably two, and more until you can feel the fur, see the claws, etc. If you don’t see any results in at least 3 weeks, this one’s probably not going to work.

– Kate


    1. Wrong, other sites usually rip us off, that or we use the same sources. The information has to come from somewhere.
      We write our own posts, we do not steal them.

      1. Thanks moonlight. I don’t claim to know all there is about werewolves. I’m simply a fan looking to spread the word to those readers that visit our site. Doing the research for you and passing the information on is not the same thing as ripping something off. And yes, many sites also look to our site for resources and we welcome it! It’s all part of sharing our love of the wolf!

    2. WRONG!!!!

      All the articles of this site is original and she is awesome in what she do!

      I can’t comment every article, but i read every single one, and i can guarante that is the best werewolf site Ever

  1. Oh yeah! And awesome work here moonlight. Everyone should try it, its a very nice way to “turn into a werewolf”

    Lovely work Moon ^^

      1. No worries, Moonlight has definitely kept me logged on reading through many of her awesome posts too! And thanks, Darkhealm, it’s nice to see you back!

  2. well actualy i would prefer the eating the dust from a wolf footprint but finding wolfs in portugal is hard so ill try this one

  3. well kate i will give it a go and see if it works
    as much as i doubt it will what would i do if it did work lol

    any way i liked it.

    1. Have fun, Brad! That’s all I really meant by it anyway :) Let us know how that works out for ya!

  4. Sigh i want to really really be a werewolf. plz help me and my sister become one. THANKS

    1. why?
      I mean, there r lots of ways, but seriously, why?What r u going to do after being 1 of em??Do u really need to, or its just a caprice,hu?

    1. Wolfy…Do you really belive in werewolfs? I do and I live In TN also…I thought i was alone lol

  5. i mean r u a kid or TEEN, i didnt mean to say ten. silly me. and my sister too we were out on our farm alone and we howled at the moon to try to get a responds but nuthin. is dat stupid!!!!!????????? I REALLY WANNA BE A LYCAN BUT DONT WANT TO GIVE MY SOUL 2 the devil. sigh she i be one or not.?!?!?

  6. GUYS GUYS GUYS! Listen to this, I found out there is a person near where I live that does Voo-Doo! And she gave me a spell that really does work for people who want to be werewolves, I swear to god it does work! Anyway I will give you all the details in my next comment!

    1. That’s really not how voodoo works. They don’t have spells like that, and if someone told you that they did then they’re just fucking with you.

  7. Ok guys here it is, the detail on how to be a werewolf! The first thing to do is relax. You must be fully relaxed for this to work. I suggest you sit against something. Next you need to picture your wolf body and will yourself to become it. Bring yourself into thinking that and you will become your wolf. If you concentrate hard enough and will it to happen after time it should happen.

    Concentrate on this and then your arm or leg muscles will begin to get restless or actually hurt! Don’t worry! The pain only exists the first time. Later transformations can still be slightly uncomfortable or be numb or itchy or even feel very good and give off a high; it’s case by case really. Continue on concentrating and do NOT fight the pain. Fighting it will only make it worse and stop the shift. Eventually you will shift.

    Warning!!! Because new shifters normally experience memory loss and can not control their wolf instincts the first couple times they may become a real danger to others. What I recommend you do is go into your room and lock the door.

    To shift back to your human form, all you need to do is the same as above. Relax and will yourself back into your human form. Or you can just curl up and go to sleep. You will wake up back in your human form. (Your body and mind will revert to the form they are most happy in.)

    Note you might find it hard not to shift when getting angry from now on and ripping someone apart, no joke. And if you didn’t feel any pain the first time you tried this, try again and if nothing, then try this good luck spell and try, try again! Ok here is the good luck spell. All you need to say is, “Wondering magic bring to me, in this life the luck I need, so all my angels can be seen, and thus fulfill my every dream, combined earth and fire, bring forth my hearts desire, guardians of the sea, keep all harm from me. Now when doing the good luck spell do it when your sitting down near your window. Best of luck to all!

    1. This didn’t come from voodoo, this came from another website full of random spells created mostly by young teens. It’s not the real deal. It is slightly similar to spiritual shapeshifting, but spiritual shapeshifting is much MUCH more complicated than this.

    2. you got this from a website. beleive me ive tried it dosent work! i so want to become one just as much as everybody else

      1. Hey mimi,
        Yeah, I did get it from a website. I get a lot of my research online. I hope the spell was a safe and happy experience for you, and that you had fun with it!

        1. Hey Kate i am 10 years old and i was wondering if this really works and when i turn in to a wolf i want to be a real wolf so please help me i beg of you please help me do this spell and when you become a wolf how do you turn back in to a human??

    3. How do u transform back into a wolf after u transform back into a human? Will u live forever if u do this spell?

  8. yea i mean it would be WAY more complucated then that. but it MIGHT work. i read ur thing called well im not sure but i said to be carful and stuff that one. I really do wanna be one but i cant find a way to do it. im not a adult u kno!!!!! i have school and stuff i can neverr fit time to do anything. sigh.

    (moonlight) this is to u!

  9. SheWolf stop longing to be a werewolf n u shall became one when u least expect it. Only other werewolfs can help become one n there are very few left.

    1. Please help me become a werewolf i want to be a black wolf like you but please help me i beg of you please i have been looking to be one for years please help me please i want to have a tail paws very sharp fangs all that stuff i beg of you please bite me or do any thing to make me a werewolf

  10. It seems to me that LadyACE has the right idea, very loose but in the right direction. It is very similar to the shamanic shape-shifting practices of Native American Medicine Men and other tribal peoples. I will post here a excerpt from my book. . .

    Let me break this down further, there are two types of shape-shifting (that I am aware of.)
    The first and most common I will call projection shifting. Projection shifting is achieved by entering a meditative state or more often while sleeping. The animal form, I will call the Body Of Transformation (BOT) is projected out from the shape-shifter in this form of shape-shifting practice.
    Projection shifting is most widely practiced by tribal cultures, namely the Navajo medicine men and similar spiritual leaders, where taking animal form allows them to travel swiftly at night and bear witness to things far off.
    Projection shifting can be spontaneous or accidental, happening without the shape-shifter consciously triggering the transformation, which is much harder to do than letting it happen naturally when the conditions are right. The BOT can be seen by others, often only fleetingly, and may have a transparent or shadowy quality, depending on the nature of the projection, the animal form it takes, the focus of the practitioner, the time, date, along with several other sources of stimulus. For the most part this form of shape-shifting is completely invisible to the average person.
    It can be speculated that projection shape-shifting and projection in general is somewhat encoded in the psyche of mankind considering primitive people from every corner of the world are known to have utilized it in one way or another.

    The second form of shape-shifting I will call pseudo-physical shifting. I have never experienced or witnessed a pseudo-physical shift, and I am not sure that it is even practiced in modern day, due to the dangers I will touch on here.
    It was however the preferred method of historic European werewolves of the middle ages. The BOT was roughly of the same quality as that of a Projection Shifter, perhaps more robust due to its close proximity to the Source. The key difference being that a pseudo-physical shifter projects the BOT over their own physical form, allowing them to move about in an animal guise with more direct physical interaction. The problem with this is that it take an altered state of consciousness to shape-shift, one which is easiest to achieve in a deep meditative state.
    The pseudo-physical werewolf achieves this through mind altering substances, which are commonly found in werewolf salves and potion recipes of the middle ages. This of course allowed them to maintain a grip on and move about in the physical realm, all the while retaining the altered state of consciousness required to complete the transformation.
    Unfortunately the mind altering substances, as is their nature today, also triggered different levels of psychosis, including different levels of psychotic breakdowns, hallucinations, and heavily unbalanced emotional levels, hence someone who commonly practiced this form of shape-shifting often became a violently psychopathic, prone to hallucinations, paranoia, altered personalities, and violent impulses. Which is a plausible catalyst for many of the historical werewolf accounts that you hear about involving violent out of control shape-shifters who often rack up a high body count before being dispatched or captured and put to trial.
    It is from these individuals that we see our modern fictional werewolf image come full circle. This is not to say that all pseudo-physical shifts had such end results, but the ones that maintained their sanity or were lucky enough not to “OD,” would have easily kept their secret lifestyle hidden.
    As I have said, I have never witnessed this form of shape-shifting but merely placed the puzzle pieces together to figure out exactly what is behind the werewolf attacks from the middle ages and how it relates to actual shape-shifting.
    Further speculation leads to the belief that if the BOT were to sustain damage in a pseudo-physical shift the BOT would dissipate, leaving a wounded shape-shifter in his human form, drugged and shell shocked. Hence we have the most common werewolf account laid out: A hunter pursues a large and dangerous wolf, perhaps one that has attacked. Upon shooting it he follows the blood trail to find a local farmer or hermit laying wounded at the other.

  11. Hey guys. I like werewolves but this is just so freaking ripping us all off. Literally, I don’t want to try this at all but my friend was sleeping over at my house for a month straight and she tried it exactly like this and she has not turned.

    1. Hi my name is Eclips and I have been looking to become a wolf and i found you so i was wondering if you could leave a paw print bye my house please and when you become a werewolf are you a werewolf or a full wolf because i want to be a full wolf with paws and stuff and i want to become a wolf when ever i want so please help me i beg of you please i will do any thing!


  12. Hey guys. Do not try any of this stuff. I am a real werewolf and have been for 17 years already. I have turned one person already. The only way to turn a human into a werewolf to collect the dirt from a wolf’s paw print, boil it, then drink it with strong tea. Or do the same thing with an Arctic Wolf’s Saliva. Good Luck everyone. Time to go hunt.

    1. hi hi its kinda hard to find wolf paw prints here cuse im in the city and im a vampire so would there be like side effects to that and pleas meat me at http/www.vampirefreaks.com/ thank you

    1. yo wolf guy im a werewolf to and also a vampire yeah i go hutin but not human i just want answers because im gettin way out of hand you know.

  13. I see alot of oyu are talking about the werewolf criteria,can any one answer my question?

    Does the spell’s work,Are there any effects that could harm me if i fail to chant the
    spell’s correctly.what can i expect from these spells and how long does it take to complete?

    Please answer me if any one does have the answers.

    Martin Graveyard

  14. idk what 2 do bout changin into a werewolf..i want 2 but theres no wolves round where i live in KY…and im not an adult either…so it might b a bit harder 4 me 2 do some of the things here that adults can do 2 turn into a werewolf…can some1 plz help me?

  15. HI my name is Eclipse.I have been a werewolf for 2 years.I always beleved in fairytail creaturs.When i was 9 my top teeth started hurting,the next day i had fangs,then my doctor sayed i had over normal vision and over normal hearing.Then at age 10 i randomly turned into a wolf.Now i love meat. ps:When i was a baby i bit my unles finger. :) (giggle)

      1. WHY the bloody hel cant yall just make the deal with the devil and get over it,thats what i am going to do,

  16. i think if you are a werewolf you should trune people that want to be one and i have done the spell with the latter and wy did not work at all you said it would work right away send me something that i can trune my self in to a werewolf u fool

      1. sweety,Jacob is an actor,watch the 2nd dvd in the movie case in newmoon,then you will know what i am talking about,he has a harness on he runns,he jumps frezzes,they creat this visualation of a wolf, he goes down off the harness that has wires on it,holding it up,if you was a where wolf you would have to come to my house and show me

    1. No Ryan….not i ..i want to become one not becuzz of the “glam”…i am looking to become one just because i think destiny has chosen me(and my brother) to undertake the position as alpha…to show true dominance(but we arent in it for the power)we are in it for the love of the mighty wild beast tht lives with-in….
      White Fangz
      (I’ll be seeing u reeaalll sooonnn)…..(not really)

  17. I’m going to come out and say that the only reason people want to become a werewolf is because of the glamorized look it has been given thanks to the mainstream movies and television shows. That or people think they will become man eating monsters, which from the studies I have done over the passed few years is furthest from the truth. If physical shifting were true ( I am still skeptical when it comes to physical shifting ) I believe you wouldn’t change too much do to the bodies structure. Human and wolf bone and muscular alignments are extremely different and the body can only change so much.
    Also if werewolves existed – although, I am skeptical I do hope there are. I think it would be absolutely incredible – I doubt they would be man eating tyrants. If you study wolves you will see they are cautious of outsiders, only aggressive towards territory and during mating seasons, and prefer smaller game. I am not a wolf expert but if you look up the habits of a wolf you would see that they aren’t blood thirsty. However if you combine human intelligence to a wolf I am sure if they were smart they would realize the best thing for any of their kind would be to stay in hiding. If not because they would be hunted down for science, poached for their rarity, and be bombarded by the media. These are just a few of my views.

  18. hey i just wanted to say somthing about being a werewolf i would love to be a werewolf and i don’t want to. to be a werewolf is to be uncontrolable and to kill without knowing but i would love to be a werewolf if i could control myself. but who im i to say im right i mean what if you can have total control over yourself as a werewolf. the possibilitys are endless but risky.

  19. I hope this.Fucking Shit! Works!!!!! If i become one ill be fuckin exctatic. if not:Ill hunt you down and kill you, wait. ill kill you anyways

  20. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU i wanted to become a werewolf 4 so long but i havent tried this yet but thank you i tried everything from spells to stupid things i cant wait ill try it tonight around midnight. (howls) W00T

  21. A werewolf that can controle its transformation and actions is called a lycan trust me iv been studying this crap for about 8 years and im only fucking 13 XD

  22. also i know what a werewolf looks like cuse my friend is one and she is awsome and i dont like being a vampire


  24. To whom it may concern,

    I must say, as being one of these creatures you wish so dearly to be, you shouldn’t ask to be so in such light tones. You may think that being a werewolf (or lycan, if you prefers to use that fowl term) is all fun and games, you are terribly misguided. To be a werewolf is to have a great responsibility to ones self and to the pack. You cannot go and hunt on any piece of land that you choose, nor may you take any hunk of meat that you find. There are rules to the Moon life, and those rules are for a reason. I, myself, have broken a rule of statute (no werewolf shall affiliate in vampyric affairs) and payed dearly for it with something I am restrained by law from sharing. If you think you can hide from the laws after being turned, which is improbable, then you are wrong. No matter where you are, there is always someone from the pack. Because little does anyone know, humans are very good for blending in, especially during Full Moon.
    Now what has been posted here is a simplified and condensed form of a psyche form of transformation. Indeed it can work, but you must have a mind that does not wander easily, and a strong mind at that. If you do not have a strong mind, and you do indeed get to the point of transformation (which is highly unlikely, mind you all, with a weak mind) your mind will snap from the pain and the sudden shift of thoughts, usually rendering you terminally insane for the rest of you life, no doubt. It happens all the time to ‘testers’, if you please, that we have tagged throughout the world that try this technique because they found in on the internet, in a book, or from a friend and they do not get the proper warnings. There are other ways, as you are probably aware of, to become a creature such as myself. But all of those ways have their own backfires. Drinking rainwater from a fresh wolf print or drinking the dirt from a wolf print in the form of tea can help stimulate metamorphosis, but it will not cause it. A back fire to both of those techniques is that dangerous bacteria can be lurking in the water or dirt, some being able to survive boiling conditions for those of you thinking of the tea alternative. Another way of stimulation to the transformation is sleeping beneath a Full Moon, but that will not actually turn you. The only true way to become a werewolf is by being bitten by one. But that, dear ones, is the most deadly of all the paths to become a werewolf. There is a high chance that you will die before or during the initial change, and the process is in no way painless. And all this is if you find a werewolf that is willing to trust you with it’s secret, and is willing to have the thought on their conscience that you may die because of something you asked them to do. Both of those happening together in the same period of time is highly improbable, so I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime soon.
    So I do ask, do not think lightly on becoming a child of the Moon. It is a tough and harsh road that is only forgiving in small ways, such as the thrill of the hunt or the happiness of starting a family (i.e. finding a mate and having pups). Both of those may sound wonderful, but even those have restrictions on them. Think hard and long if you are offered the chance to become a howling ghost. Keep in mind, that there is the high possibility that you may not live to tell any tales of your adventures.


  25. well, guys right after i did this thing my bones started popping, and my canine teeth started to hurt and well i became a drooling thing, this is soooo cool. would it be safe to tel, and show ppl?

  26. oh and may i add… when im in this form i seem to be fully counsious? this is odd, my muscles get so tence and my voice would yelp untilli could not speak english, whiched sucked cause i let one of my friends see me as wolf not human! i tried to greet her but she just screamed?
    When i was little about 9 or 10 i noticed a mourning feeling to howl run and chase my cat?! Anyway why did i feel everything? every little detail was painful!

    And for those of you who want this SO-CALLED GIFT! think again, ITS REALLY A CURSE TO ME!

  27. hey, im a witch. an ive been looking for spells for my book of spells. if u guys find a spell that can transform ones self into that of a wolf let me know plz. im 18 an i live in nebraska

  28. Before i do this. Is there a age requirement for becoming a Werewolf? I need a anwser please before i do this and not waste my time.

  29. I’m a complete believer. I pray every night that a wolf will jump in my bedroom window and bite me. I want to be able to run in the forest with a pack. Me and my boyfriend Daniel want to be mates. Do you know any sure fire ways to become a werewolf?

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