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Soul Calibur V Game Trailer Released – And There’s a Werewolf!

Namco Bandai recently released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Soul Calibur V, which will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 January 31, 2012. This latest trailer catches players up on the 17 year span between Soul Calibur IV and the new game. But the best part about the new trailer is that it gives us a peek at new characters, like the werewolf Z.W.E.I.

Here’s the new trailer:

Werewolf! The trailer may not show us much of this new Z.W.E.I. character, but fortunately, the official Soul Calibur website does. Check it out:

“No one knew his real name; a strange alias and vague rumors about his origins were all anyone had to go by.

They called him a werewolf. Some swore they’d seen him summon a strange beast to fight by his side. Others claimed corpses were found in every city he left behind…

In truth, Z.W.E.I. was a hunted man, on the run from assassins sent by Graf Dumas of Hungary. He had dared to interfere with Dumas’ purge of the malfested, a witch hunt that falsely accused and executed innocent people.

But Z.W.E.I.’s life was about to change. He rescued a fortune teller named Viola who possessed inhuman powers like his own, and the pair became traveling companions. Continuing his journey while protecting Viola from Dumas’ assassins proved difficult, but Siegfried found the two fugitives and took them in under his protection.

Out of gratitude, Z.W.E.I. agreed to Siegfried’s request: he would find a successor worthy of Soul Calibur. Would Z.W.E.I., too, find his destiny changed by the clash of the two great swords?”

So, the site gives us a bit more info on the character, but I guess we have to actually play the game to get the full details.

Anyone here a Soul Calibur fan? Are you excited about this new werewolf character?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • January 20, 2012

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