Somerset is Werewolf-Free Since 2013

“SOMERSET and neighbouring areas like North Somerset and Bristol appear to be werewolf free. But ghosts, UFOs, witches, aliens and zombies remain a concerning statistic.”

I love this article, it’s the coolest thing ever: there’s actually a chart in the source article that shows the number of paranormal sightings reported to the police in the Somerset and surrounding areas. That means that the sightings were so seriously creepy or alarming (or these people were just that insane) that they called the police or the U.K. equivalent of 911 (isn’t it 411?).

Avon and Somerset police were asks how many reports of UFOs, ghosts, werewolves, witches, aliens, and zombies there were in the last three years. The answer? Almost 300! 295 reports were filed, that’s like 100 sightings every year. I wonder if there are any reports for vampires? I bet there are; in fact, I bet the numbers for vampires are way higher. Maybe that’s why there are so few werewolves. Boo.

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