So Bad it’s Good: Attack of the Indian Werewolf

Horror spoofs rarely do anything for me, but if you’re into the “so bad, so horribly bad, it’s good” genre of horror movies, then you’ll be all over the ‘Attack of the Indian Werewolf’ film. The film is set, produced, and filmed, in South Africa, and the whole premise of the film, while laughable, leaves something to be desired… like, I dunno, a plot that doesn’t completely mimic every single werewolf movie ever made before 1995. But that’s what a spoof is about I guess; taking material that has been used so many times it’s an inherent memory ingrained in our DNA, and then making fun of it.

The Facebook page has a synopsis, and a lot more information about the film:

“Brandon (Neville Pillay) is a timid electronics store clerk whose life is turned upside down when a chance encounter with the mystical jadoo bean transforms him into a ferocious wolf-like creature from which no one is safe- let alone his cheating girlfriend (Avashnee Vandiar) and abusive boss (A.K Khan). Brandon’s spontaneous transformations into the beast causes him to unleash bloody carnage across his town and it is up to his best friend, the over the top Kuben (Sanjeev Singh) and his childhood sweetheart Samantha (Kajal Maharaj) to find a cure to the jadoo bean’s curse and put an end to the havoc.

The film sees ECR radio jock and comedian Neville Pillay in his debut film role playing an astonishing three parts- Brandon, the werewolf and an aging bumbling policeman. Pillay’s performance is nothing short of stellar. He is well backed by newcomer Sanjeev Singh. The beautiful Kajal Maharaj, a well known televisioon presenter and veteran of several stage and screen productions plays the female lead- a role she assumes with finesse and authority. Avashnee Vandiar makes her first screen appearance and is deliciously wicked as Candice, Neville Pillay’s obnoxious girlfriend in the film. The film also features rapper Eighteen Eighteen (aka Nesan Pather) and Survivor SA contestant Nichal Ramchander. Pather introduces to audiences for the first time his alter ego, Rajiv, a hilarious aspirant hip hop artist whose rhymes feature prominently in the film.”

No mention of a DVD release yet. Also, who the hell is this Pillay guy? Tyler Perry? He has three different parts in the movie! Still, the effects, gore, and make-up aren’t complete shit, and it really is thoroughly interesting to see how other cultures do the whole werewolf thing. It’s also something like a theme park ride, that I’d call “This Is What Happens to Werewolves When This Country Makes a Movie About Them”, –fun, weird, and sometimes nauseating.

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