Sneak Peek and Details on Teen Wolf Season 2 from Jeff Davis and Cast

Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis recently did a handful of interviews where he chatted about all of the darker and dramatic changes coming to the second season of MTV’s hit show. He spoke about what was on his mind while writing the season and talked about what we can expect to see.

Somewhere in my twisted, dark mind, I decided to get gorier, sexier, darker, and scarier,” he said.

The second season has a much darker vibe according to a few sites that got a sneak peek at the first two episodes. The teen angst and high school drama take second place, the focus of the season is on the monsters, what they’re going through and their history.

“Season one was kind of a Spiderman story,” Davis explained. “It was about Scott learning to deal with his new found ‘ability.’ Season two will be him figuring out what to do with that.” Tyler Posey, who plays Scott, adds that he more mature this season, so he can “take on that hero role.”

And we’ll need a hero this season according to Davis. This upcoming season will feature more werewolves, and a new monster that Davis calls The Abomination. “It’s a different kind of shapeshifter,” he hints. Luckily, we’ll meet The Abomination in the second episode.

On top of Scott finding himself, Alison will as well. Not only is she dealing with her now-secret relationship with werewolf Scott, but she also has loads of family issues coming. With Aunt Kate dead, Alison’s grandpa – whom she hasn’t seen since she was three – comes into town with the plan to wipe out the werewolf race. Crystal Reed, who plays Alison, says her character is at a crossroads. “She knows werewolves are bad, and she wants to be a good Argent daughter, but she also knows Scott, and Scott isn’t bad. This season is all about finding a balance for her.”  And part of that balance includes Alison learning to throw Chinese ring daggers. “I fillet some people,” she admits.

As for the goriness, Davis promises that, “It gets bloody.” MTV did not require toned down gore, but some of the broadcast rules amuse Davis “We couldn’t show the insertion of a knife, but you can see blood and guts dripping from a body.”

One of the best parts about the upcoming season is that it will focus more on werewolf mythology, most of which is inspired from European folklore. David also promises that we will learn the meaning of Derek’s tattoo, we will learn more about the mysterious vet from season one, and we will see a female werewolf. He won’t say who, but said that it was a challenge deciding on a look for the she-wolf, to find a balance between sexy and fierce. Davis also promised that he will not bring in vampires to the show.

Check out a sneak peek below:

Teen Wolf returns to MTV at 11 p.m. EST, right after the MTV Movie Awards, on June 3. On June 4, there will be yet another hour-long episode in the show’s regular 10 p.m. EST timeslot. Two new episodes in a row! Yay!

What do you think about what Davis and the others had to say? Are you excited about Season 2?

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