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SNARLING Werewolf Versus Zombies

I was a tad disappointed to learn that the zombies featured in the forthcoming Horror-Comedy THE SNARLING are of the Hollywood variety. Don’t misunderstand me; the idea of having a werewolf tear its way through a production of THE WALKING DEAD sounds like fun. It just doesn’t sound like as MUCH fun as dropping a werewolf into the middle of an episode of THE WALKING DEAD. In other words, within the self-contained reality of that episode. In *other* other words, what I really want to see is a movie where a werewolf fights zombies.

I love me some zombies, but we must be practical here; a werewolf would make mincemeat out of a zombie horde. Eventually, if there were enough of them, then by sheer force of numbers a plague of zombies would be able to take down a werewolf, but a single zombie or even a dozen zombies against a werewolf? The werewolf wins, every time. Teeth and claws make all the difference.

If the zombies DID manage to kill the werewolf, though, wouldn’t it come back as a ZOMBIE WEREWOLF? Oh, THAT is a movie monster I want to see!

The Evil Cheezman • August 21, 2018

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