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Skinwalker Ranch

If you spend any time at all studying the unexplained and the paranormal, you will have heard of Skinwalker Ranch. Also known as Sherman Ranch, the site comprises some 500 acres in the wilds of Utah and is a veritable hotbed of supernatural activity. UFOs, cryptids—including werewolves—ghosts, cattle mutilations: you name it, the Skinwalker Ranch has it. Adding to the weirdness, in 2016 the property was purchased by a mysterious organization called Adamantium Holdings and all roads to the area were blocked and the ranch was fenced-off with chain-link and barbed wire. Cameras mounted on the fence keep an eye out for any curious trespassers.

Not everyone, it seems, is banned from the site, however. The History Channel and A&E were granted access to film the forthcoming documentary THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH, which is set to air on Tuesday, March 31. Here’s what the press release said: “Few have ever gained official access to Skinwalker Ranch, and none have ever been able to bring cameras onto the property for a television series, until now…Utilizing the latest in cutting edge technology from lasers and ground-penetrating radars to drone thermography, rockets and more…The team will apply hard science and make shocking discoveries while going further and risking more than anyone has done on the ranch before.” Mark your calendars!

The Evil Cheezman • February 25, 2020

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