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Skeptical of the Skeptics

Skepticism is good. Everyone should be skeptical, of anything and everything. Especially where claims of the paranormal are concerned. This allows people to avoid being duped, taken advantage of. One should always look to the dictum of Occam’s Razor when assessing any purported case of the paranormal. Occam’s Razor, coined by medieval scholar and theologian William of Ockham, states that “we must not unnecessarily add plurality.” In other words, don’t make anything more complicated than it needs to be. In other words, the simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation. But just like any school of thought, it can be taken too far. Too much skepticism leads to closed-mindedness, which is just as bad as gullibility.

I’ve taken part of paranormal investigations and applied Occam’s Razor to my experiences. Sometimes there *are* no simple explanations. Or, I should say, the simplest explanation is a fantastic one. Sometimes.

Skeptic extraordinaire Brian Dunning has spent plenty of time and effort poking holes in the narratives of the experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren. He has called them scam artists. But it is Dunning and not the Warrens who has served time in prison for fraud. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, I think.

Always ask questions. Keep an open mind. And don’t believe *any*thing without investigating it for yourself.

The Evil Cheezman • July 11, 2019

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