Since When Are Werewolves Afraid of a Little Cold Weather?

WEREWOLVES were spotted running wild in Otley last weekend as part of a spooky night race on Otley Chevin.

The event had nearly 140 people sign up, as part of an attempt to break… or set a World Record, for, I assume, the most people running around dressed as or chased by, werewolves. They were also raising money for the Otley Lions, –as well as two other charities. All told, not a lot of money was raised, and maybe more would have been, had the higher number of participants shown up to the event.

The organizers, Michelle Smith and Paul Shack believe they have made a new record, and Paul has sent the information off to the people in charge of… I guess investigating werewolf runs. Anyway, only about 85 people came to the event, so whether the event made records is still unknown. We’ll see!

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