‘Silverhide’ Released On DVD in the UK

“Yes! Finally. One film I have been anxiously awaiting for is Silverhide (formerly known as Pounce)…”

Before you get excited, I will warn those of you who try to stick to the bigger budget films that this movie is very much B-grade horror, –it’s not quite a micro-budget horror movie, but it is fairly well filmed and the actors seem to know what they’re doing. The trailer is available on the website if you want to get a tiny sample of what you can expect.

For the rest of you, the purists, yeah, this is a werewolf movie, and yes, it’s very much a military werewolf movie. Super-secret military testing created this monster, and of course, it’s witty teenage crime-stopper types that uncover the government conspiracy threatening the lives of civilians and soldiers alike. 

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