Silverbrook’s Curse

Dear faithful readers, I’m a World of Warcraft addict. Anyway, one particular night found me running around and getting my quest on in Grizzly Hills (…it has a lot of bears…and hills). While exploring I came across the seemingly normal village of Silverbrook. I ride in and see lots of log homes, people dressed like burly lumberjacks, and well, a whole lot of boring. So I moved on to more profitable areas.

But little did I know, there was much much more to that small town. Under all that red flannel was a hidden darkness. In fact, the people of Silverbrook are under the influence of the dreaded Wolfcult. Those damned loggers were a bunch of worgen (fancy name for werewolves)!

According to Mikhail’s Journal (which I picked up off of a corpse), members of the Wolfcult approached the people of Silverbrook and attempted to expand their influence there. At first, the people were reluctant, but over time the cult sympathizers far outweighed those that opposed it. Anyone who was against the teachings of the cult fled, was forcefully turned, or was killed for their heresy. So now the village is full of normal looking humans that can instantly transform into a giant wolf-like beasts. Not so boring now.

Unfortunately the Silverbrook worgen kidnapped one of the good guys (Alliance ftw!) and locked him in a cage, and it was my job to rescue him and destroy anyone that got in my way. So I went to save our man, was ganked by a filthy horde, came back and continued on to my rescue. Fucking horde.

Once I saved the “good guy” we were then attacked by a damned stampede of worgen, like a shit-ton of them. Luckily we got away via horseback. I’m sad to report that all of those Silverbrook worgen were destroyed, hey, I needed gold and experience.

BUT! When the new WoW expansion comes out we get to play AS worgen, and you better believe I’ll be rolling one of those.

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