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‘Silver Bullets’ is Not Your Ordinary Werewolf Film

Silver Bullets, an indie film directed by Joe Swanberg, is definitely unlike any werewolf movie you have seen in the past, mainly because it doesn’t actually feature supernatural werewolves. Inspired by Chekhov’s The Seagull, this dark film examines the cinema and asks questions about art, commerce, power and desire. Using David Foster Wallace as a reference point, Silver Bullets also explores fame, depression and suicide. Yeah, this isn’t really the type of movie we cover on this site, but in spite of that, it does reference werewolves, so it’s worth a mention.


“Claire, a beautiful young actress, is in a comfortable relationship with Ethan, a filmmaker who aspires to make meaningful art films. She is his muse and they are finishing a project together. She accepts the lead role in a werewolf film to be directed by a talented young horror filmmaker named Ben. Ethan is instantly weary of her relationship with Ben and suspects she is more interested in fame than the pursuit of art. As Clair and Ben prepare the werewolf film together, Ethan begins to spiral into depression and self-doubt. In retaliation against Claire, he casts her best friend, Charlie, also an actress, as his girlfriend in his new film. As both productions move forward, Claire’s life becomes more surreal and starts to resemble the werewolf film she is working on.”

Silver Bullets premiered a few months back at the Berlin Film Festival and well, it didn’t get the best of reviews. I can see why, the plot itself sounds rather boring. I enjoy watching the occasional dreary indie flick, but it has to have an amazing story. I hate those pretentious mind-fuck indie films, and Silver Bullets kind of sounds like it’s that type.

What do you guys think? Are you interested in watching Silver Bullets (if it ever comes to DVD), or is it a film you’ll be passing on?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • May 10, 2011

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