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Signs your Friend is a Werewolf

If you’re a werewolf lover, you probably know the tell tale signs of what to look for if someone is a changeling or not. Wouldn’t it be cool, however, if someone you cared about deeply was actually bitten by a creature that roamed the woods and fed on the innocent? Here are some signs that your loved one is a werewolf:

Midnight Rendezvous- Whether you are at a friend’s place for a sleepover, a camp out, or share a bed with your lover, they may make several exits a week; I’m not talking about down to the kitchen for a late night snack! Your friend may be running out to the street or into the woods to howl at the moon.

Bloody Kisses- When you’re with your bestie, stealthily check to see if there is blood around their mouth or on their hands first thing in the morning. If there is, I say run for the hills at the first chance you get and never look back!

Table Manners- When you’re at a meal with said person, look for dirt. Look for dirt under their finger nails, around their nose, and on the floor where they have previously walked. If there’s dirt, your friend has been up to some digging.

Bad Appetite- Spend a few days in a row with the potential wolf; follow their every move and make a chart of what they’ve been eating at meals. Check to see if their diet has changed in any way; for instance, if your friend usually eats a hamburger well done and now they like it while it’s still mooing, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

How would you spot a werewolf?

– Bryce


Bryce • April 15, 2010

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  • Mac Walsh

    Werewolves also tend to eat a TON (no really, a LOT) and never gain weight or they do gain some weight but they seem to lose it all over a 3 day weekend.

  • destiny

    Another thing you forgot to add was that if you get your friend agitated, check to see if he or she is growling at you.

    • hello im nick i think im a werewolve can ya help me out

  • Maddam Wolfe

    Hi Nick, what are your symptoms? I would love to talk to you more about what UR going thru! TTYS – MW

  • wolflvr

    that pic is from a movie i saw. also, i don’t think it’s really true about a werewolf looking like that.

  • Hi, my name is Madisson and I think I’m a werewolf. I have really sharp claws/nails. I’m an eleven year old in the body of a 14 year old, due to my legs being really long. My bottom cainine teeth are needle sharp, but my top canines are really sharp- but curved. I’m really hairy on my arms, legs, stomach(embarrissing), my ears are pointy,i’m in love with meat, my favourite animal is the wolf, and I love the Full Moon. I think there are more signs, but i really dont know. Help! I want to be one REALLY bad!

    • jreo

      ANYONE who tells you such things are real is either living in a fantasy, lying through their teeth, or are caught up in a delusion bordering on mental illness. The real danger lies in people who will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get close enough to hurt you, such as pedophiles, rapists, and murderers – the only real monsters on our planet, and giving out your real location information is just asking for trouble.

      (got that from yahoo)

      Look ma’am. There is no such thing as a werewolf, you’re probably lying. Please, stop lying and get a life.

  • Nina

    I need help!! I been very hungry at night ( around midnight and yes I’m 15) but my friend is a werewolf and he has made me the alpha but I don’t think I’m one! Can someone help me

  • anahi

    Well if you need some help why not just ask me the question. If your not sure your alpha then why not prove to yourself that you are alpha. What i mean is that if your friend made you alpha then why don’t you try bossing him/her around. Remember alpha’s can do that. :3 Your Welcome

  • thewerewolf

    Werewolves also would be really hairy and they would growl and their eye color would change when their mad.

  • shyanne

    hi im Shyanne I think im a werewolf my nails have dirt under them after I wake up from sleeping,my eyes change from blue to green when im mad,and I growl at my friends a lot but I want to be a werewolf my friend is plz help me

  • shyanne

    and I love the full moon

  • London WereCat King of the Wer

    Hi my name is Ellis.I’m a werewolf.I LOVE meat so do my friends.Here’s my email if you want to talk about being a werewolf werecat2002@gmail.com

  • Damsa’s Makrazakum

    You know that werewolves aren’t that Exaggerated Dumb mindless monster right?!

    • ally

      nope, they don’t know ..