Signs your Friend is a Werewolf

If you’re a werewolf lover, you probably know the tell tale signs of what to look for if someone is a changeling or not. Wouldn’t it be cool, however, if someone you cared about deeply was actually bitten by a creature that roamed the woods and fed on the innocent? Here are some signs that your loved one is a werewolf:

Midnight Rendezvous- Whether you are at a friend’s place for a sleepover, a camp out, or share a bed with your lover, they may make several exits a week; I’m not talking about down to the kitchen for a late night snack! Your friend may be running out to the street or into the woods to howl at the moon.

Bloody Kisses- When you’re with your bestie, stealthily check to see if there is blood around their mouth or on their hands first thing in the morning. If there is, I say run for the hills at the first chance you get and never look back!

Table Manners- When you’re at a meal with said person, look for dirt. Look for dirt under their finger nails, around their nose, and on the floor where they have previously walked. If there’s dirt, your friend has been up to some digging.

Bad Appetite- Spend a few days in a row with the potential wolf; follow their every move and make a chart of what they’ve been eating at meals. Check to see if their diet has changed in any way; for instance, if your friend usually eats a hamburger well done and now they like it while it’s still mooing, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

How would you spot a werewolf?

– Bryce


  1. Werewolves also tend to eat a TON (no really, a LOT) and never gain weight or they do gain some weight but they seem to lose it all over a 3 day weekend.

  2. Another thing you forgot to add was that if you get your friend agitated, check to see if he or she is growling at you.

  3. Hi Nick, what are your symptoms? I would love to talk to you more about what UR going thru! TTYS – MW

  4. Hi, my name is Madisson and I think I’m a werewolf. I have really sharp claws/nails. I’m an eleven year old in the body of a 14 year old, due to my legs being really long. My bottom cainine teeth are needle sharp, but my top canines are really sharp- but curved. I’m really hairy on my arms, legs, stomach(embarrissing), my ears are pointy,i’m in love with meat, my favourite animal is the wolf, and I love the Full Moon. I think there are more signs, but i really dont know. Help! I want to be one REALLY bad!

    1. ANYONE who tells you such things are real is either living in a fantasy, lying through their teeth, or are caught up in a delusion bordering on mental illness. The real danger lies in people who will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get close enough to hurt you, such as pedophiles, rapists, and murderers – the only real monsters on our planet, and giving out your real location information is just asking for trouble.

      (got that from yahoo)

      Look ma’am. There is no such thing as a werewolf, you’re probably lying. Please, stop lying and get a life.

  5. I need help!! I been very hungry at night ( around midnight and yes I’m 15) but my friend is a werewolf and he has made me the alpha but I don’t think I’m one! Can someone help me

  6. Well if you need some help why not just ask me the question. If your not sure your alpha then why not prove to yourself that you are alpha. What i mean is that if your friend made you alpha then why don’t you try bossing him/her around. Remember alpha’s can do that. :3 Your Welcome

  7. Werewolves also would be really hairy and they would growl and their eye color would change when their mad.

  8. hi im Shyanne I think im a werewolf my nails have dirt under them after I wake up from sleeping,my eyes change from blue to green when im mad,and I growl at my friends a lot but I want to be a werewolf my friend is plz help me

    1. Its ok people are dumb, I should know since I’m a human sadly. but werewolves aren’t Dumb they are actually smarter then Humans

  9. yes i found out when i was 15 my first full moon i became a werewolf and found out i came from a bloodline it is awesome being a werewolf cause of all the things I’m able to do

  10. I think People who hurt werewolves or anything that are human are rude and assholes because There is a law that people put to stop human experiments. Werewolves are half human so why are u hurting them? They should be able to live with us humans Freely Not be hidden and locked away From Humanity. I think Area 51 should tell us all it secrets Because They are hiring stuff from humanity. Also do humans think how animals feel when they kill them? Think on theses questions and tell me if u agree with me or disagree. #WerewolveBeliever

    1. I agree us werwolves should be free to live with humans not be some scientific experiments thanks Kayla for defending me and my pack the Moon Wolves and any other werewolves out there we all thank you for fighting with us therefore we have been thinking and we have decided to make you a member of the Moon Wolves as the code made by are ancestors say protect your family honor your elders teach the young be loyal to your friend voice your opinion stand your ground take charge when there show weakness play when you can work when you must the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf so will you agree to become one of us

        1. How did you become a werewolf at 13 please tell me I am 12 yr old and I want to be a werewolf so I can avenge a werewolf’s death and it was killed by humans in my area I don’t know how they manage to kill the strongest beast of all-time and please tell me and it’s also my life goal to become one

  11. Hi im timber the werewolf im am a female im 14y moons old, i became w werewolf when i was 3yrs old..and i love being one. i am now the leader of my pack called Death key i have 84 werewolves in my pack! i am a gray wolf with blue markings. i wear 2 chains 1 around my neck and the other on my waist! if you need me ill be a howl away!!!

    1. My werewolf name is lythen and i have 91 werewolves in my pack counting my family
      we used to have 147 till we were hunted by humans so the whole pack moved to west Virginia to plus we needed to keep the pups safe from danger leader anyway my markings are kinda the same except mine is white with blue i am a winter wolf my grandpa the last leader told me that i could control ice and snow he thought me everything like how to control my werewolf form even how to transform any time i want even day hey we should meet with each others packs on a full moon we can howel together it can even be the wolf moon if you want just come down to west Virginia harrison county in SunValley i can meet you with my pack hey do you have an email so that we don’t just have to text on Disqus mine is

      1. Yes i do have a Email mine is And im Lightning and fire im the Alpha Female of my pack…sad thing the only Alpha of my pack, so i have to control the drama but some other werewolves call me “Queen Killer” My father razor was the “KingKiller” so i followed in his Paw prints and now im Queen! So im pretty powerful! heres is a picture of me in wolf form but i put it in art! because other kids dont believe im a real werewolf *Whimpers*

        1. plus i know how you feel part of my family are humans and don’t believe are family history i only have only 2 sisters and 2 brothers other then me that are werewolves in my family there names are Luna,Killer,Raytheon and Striker and your werewolf form is cute i can tell you hunt a lot yesterday the pups got to go on there first hunt with the pack they got two deer they got to eat first though i made sure that they did i always eat last cause i want my pack to have food before me it s my responsibility to take care of them you know so what time did you guys howl last night we howled at 12:30 as the Moons light shined down on us after that we went back to are places but i watch after the pups since they can’t turn into their human form yet they still have one more month before they are five years old we are going to be having a wolf party for them does your pack and you want to come to their party they are always excited to meet new wolfs plus pups that they can play with we could even form an alliance with each others packs it will be fun just think of how much time both us leaders will have to discuss about what is going on in our packs

          1. Well to be honest my pack is very dangerous, they dont really like to join new packs i dont know why tho…but my Beta BloodSpill he will join you and my pups! you know actually i will join you my whole pack is coming ill make sure of it! but we howl when the full moon is at its highest point! time we howled was at 12:42 but my betas hunt the food and i let the pups eat first because i want them to be big and strong then i eat next, then the pack eats after me! they dont like it when i eat last Lol but yea we could meet up!

          2. awesome so how many moons until you want to meet my whole family will be there except the one that is a mortal we don’t know why he doesn’t have the bloodline but any way want to see my brothers and sisters one at a time

          3. To be Honest about 3 full moons away because my pack is having a get together with our families and its going to be a long get together!! Lol soo yea might 3 or 4 moons

    2. Can you tell how to become a werewolf and I know you hate humans and don’t trust them and even I hate humans and myself of being one but trust me I swear to full moon I will never tell it anyone I swear please I truly want to become a werewolf please I beg you

        1. Well actually I have gone through a lots of pain and it’s the only thing I am alive for so please I am begging you tell me the way to become and please don’t tell that the only way to become is through birth only

          1. I know you don’t trust me but I swear I am not like the others even though I am a human but still I love wolves I love nature I love you guys I love werewolves!
            so please

          2. If you wanna tell me in personal band don’t wanna share the secret to the other people here I ready to give my numb and I swear I will never ever disturb you after you tell me the secret please in the name of full moon please

          3. Thnx again you owe me one of you ever need anything I will be ready to do it and if you pack need something I am ready

          4. Ok take your time and tell email me whenever you want can you send in this week if possible not rushing you but ummm I hope you understand the exitment when your dream is about to come I can’t wait to become one and thnx again

    3. Hello timberwolf, I was wondering how did you turn into a werewolf, I really wish to be a werewolf. Its my biggest dream to become a werewolf and to help the werewolf community not be hunted by humans and live sided by side with them and all others. (Vampires, nekos, etc)

  12. Hello is there anyone I can email on how to become a werewolf, please help me I beg you I want tell anyone I swear and when I keep a promise I keep it please I want tell anyone.

  13. I’m a werewolf and I am the Alpha of my back,cresents,we hardly have anywhere to go since danger is just lurking in the shadows.
    We have drastically reduced from 150 to 45.
    I’m looking for friends to help me and my pack.
    (Also my sister is a werecat!,we do not get along.)

    1. Well, what will you do if your older sister tells you to fight back while your assistant is saying ‘stay in the shadows?.

      I know I’m the Alpha but I really need to have an advisor.

    2. Apart from that,we’ve all moved to Scotland so do you have any tips about the people or great places to stay.


      Yeah and my pack is doing kind of good even though another ten have gone missing.

      1. Well, first of all, it is important to understand what kind of danger you are facing because you are still losing pack members, which is not good at all. So if you know what is causing your pack members going missing, it is a big advantage for you.
        However, I should also a bit agree with your assistant because your pack had huge losses (from 150 to 35 is a huge number gap), so you need first to reorganize your pack to keep yourselves safe and then fight back as your sister suggested. An important key factor here is pack alliances. I don’t know if you have any, but allied packs can be really helpful, especially if they are near you because they can watch your back, and get some help when you need it the most. I don’t know any pack from Scotland, but MAYBE I know one from England, and maybe I could try to get you in touch with them.
        Also, I am aware Scotland is plenty full of forests, however, I am not from that location so I am unable to give you some info about safe zones, but I can still suggest you some tips to help your pack and avoid future losses, but everything depends from what kind of threat are you facing and the compositions, skills, and habits of your pack.
        1- Choosing the best location to set as a home for your pack (permanent or not) is really important and strategic. It can be in the middle of the forest or a small town with human presence, but as I told you, everything depends on your pack habits and skills. For example, if they are good at patrolling and group coordination, know well some tricks for life and protection in the wilderness, and have routine habits of turning, setting camp in the forest away from human presence would be the best option for you. Otherwise, if your pack deals well in an urban environment, sharing places with humans with ease, and having huge control over their transformation, a pack location (at least temporarily) in a town or small city, possibly near a forest, would be the best option because it would be much more difficult in crowded places for your pack members to go missing because if something happens to them, it is far easy to be noticed by others, so it is consequently more unlikely to happen to not draw undesired attention.
        2- As I suggested to you in point 1 about crowded places, your pack needs to stay together as much as possible, or at least not let alone none of your members because otherwise, the chance to go missing can drastically grow, so it is essential every member of your pack keeps an eye open on the other one: The more you stay united, the more your pack members will be safe.

        Never forget that the strength of the pack is the group and the number

        Stay Safe

          1. Hello Daniella, how are you? It has been two months since I gave you those tips, I hope they have been useful to you. How is your pack doing?

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