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Shunka Warakin: Unidentified

The other night I reclined on ye olde sofa to watch one of the numerous shows that is being offered this glorious time of the year—Halloween season (Yes, it is a season. You knew that, right? Halloween season begins on October 1st and ends on Thanksgiving. Always.)—and which I did not have time to watch when it was actually broadcast, so I’d recorded it. I forget the title of the show. Not that it matters. It was a case of flim-flam.

The show teased that the creature believed to be a Shunka Warakin, the mysterious beast also known as the Rocky Mountain Demon Wolf and the Ringdocus and currently on display at the Madison Valley History Museum, was going to be DNA tested, thus leading to its identification. Is it a mutated wolf? An unknown species? We still don’t know, because there was no test! It seems there is some dispute as to who actually owns the specimen, thus legally there can be no test. Horse hockey! What a classic case of bait-and-switch! I tell ya, I was pissed.

The specimen resembles a hyena more than it does a wolf. Take a gander at the side by side photographs. You’d think, as this is a genuine scientific mystery, people would be willing to sign off on getting a simple test done. They only need one freakin’ hair!

The Evil Cheezman • November 1, 2018

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