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Show Me The Monster!

It’s a near-ubiquitous rule that, if you’re doing a monster movie, you shouldn’t show you monster too often, lest it lose its scariness. Unless what you’re going for is a more goofy feel, something like we have in the wonderful OCTAMAN, or in any one of the many cheeseball Godzilla flicks. Monster lovers like me could stare at a creature onscreen for hours, poring over every detail of its design, whether rendered via CGI or the more magnificent practical effects. But then the monsters never scare me, anyway. I love them. The rule is in place for your average movie viewer, folks who do possess the ability to be scared.

THE TERROR balanced things perfectly this week, when they decided to show the monster. They showed just enough to make you salivate–well, I salivated–but not enough to ruin the magic, the illusion. What did you think of the creature’s design? Honestly it looked a bit too CGI for my tastes. I prefer those marvelous practical effects I just mentioned. Even so, it was awesome seeing the Tuunbaq in action. I wish the sequence of the attack had lasted longer. This need not have required more onscreen time for the beast. Hopefully the next time it attacks it’ll take up a larger chunk of the episode.

The Evil Cheezman • April 27, 2018

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