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She-Wolf of London

We love our old, campy television shows; ever tried re-watching Buffy, or Angel these days? It’s pretty amazing to me sometimes, that my young brain was ever captivated by so much rubber, fake blood, and crackerjack fight scenes. Especially considering what it takes to impress the youth of today; if it isn’t 3D, or the visual equivalent of sitting in a bathtub full of jellyfish and electric eels in the dark surrounded by strobe lights, –then it’s just not worth watching. One of America’s great examples of popular campy horror television was ‘She-Wolf of London’ -the show, not the film, that became, in its second season, ‘Love and Curses’, with a much decimated cast, presumably for budget issues.

The plot follows Randi Wallace, a young graduate student played by actress Kate Hodge. While preparing her thesis, Randi meets Mythology professor Ian Matheson, portrayed by Neil Dickson. Of course, this only serves to move along a romantic subplot that quickly becomes diluted with Randi becoming a werewolf. Randi, attacked during the full moon one night on the Moors of England, transforms each full moon, and must rely on her romantic interest to keep her caged during ‘her time of the month.’

Naturally, on this bizarre path, Randi and Ian frequently clash with other species of myth and folklore, often getting into trouble, and just barely getting back out again. European producers removed financial support for the series, which caused the major disruption that led to the shorter, stupider second season, shot in L.A. instead of England, and half the cast disappeared. The first season was 14 episodes of awesomeness, –the second season suffered with only 6 seasons of ridiculous crap. Still, huge fans were still happy to have even the minuscule season, before its cancellation, in April of 1991, when it was titled ‘Love and Curses.’

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annimi • March 20, 2010

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