Shakira’s She-Wolf Covered by a uh… Boy Band?

Shakira’s song about a man-eating werewolf babe is cute, and the video is sexy. A hot blonde wriggling around in a skin tight, flech colored …thing, inside a cage? And a black leotard with missing bits? The video is really sexy, especially the panting, –well, the part where she’s doing that weird, joint popping thing with her shoulders in the cage.. Yeah, that’s not sexy. Kind of made me a little sick and grossed out. But move over Shakira, there’s a boy band taking over your cute little song about werewolf chicks.

Hot Chip, the boy band covering Shakira’s She-Wolf, is not your average cute group of guys singing about stuff, and the auto-tuning is out of control. It’s actually a group of late 20s, early 30s looking guys from a place where the whole, caveman/homeless guy look is really popular. I’m guessing France, or somewhere in the UK. Either that, or they follow Miley Cyrus’s clothing line really closely. A lot of people out there are really into the cover of Shakira’s hit, and really into Hot Chip, but honestly… nah.

So if you saw Shakira’s video, and could stand the site of a hot she-wolf dancing in a cage, and instead wanted to see a bunch of hairy cavemen, you’ll love Hot Chip’s cover. Likewise, if you heard Shakira’s She-Wolf, and desperately wished for more auto-tuning, then you’ll be in heaven. Otherwise, I strongly recommend you do not hit Play on the YouTube video below. Otherwise, enjoy!


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