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Sevendust Sings About STRANGER THINGS

The Rock group Sevendust has a new song out entitled “Not Original” that was inspired by STRANGER THINGS. Sevendust is one of the few “modern” bands that doesn’t give me hives, so this is cool. Guitarist Clint Lowery says: “We wanted to get into some new territory…It’s about being in a dry spell and not [being] able to find creativity. You don’t want to repeat yourself. I thought I’d go for this new wave thing, because I was watching a lot of STRANGER THINGS.” Right on.

Season three of the smash hit series is currently filming, and it has been confirmed that it will feature a jump forward in time–but not much of one. The third season will be set a year after season two, in 1985. The third season will return to the eight-episode count of the first season. There will be some new faces to join the returning characters. And that’s it as far as what we know. We’ll have to wait until next year for more. (Sure, there might be more rumors before that. In fact I’m sure there will be, but they’ll be just that: rumors. We won’t know anything for sure until 2019.)

So, 1985. Does that mean the kids will be starting high school?

The Evil Cheezman • May 24, 2018

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