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Seven of the Weirdest Ways to Become a Werewolf

It’s seems that we always want what we can’t have, doesn’t it? Those who are werewolves don’t want to be and those that aren’t will try just about anything to gain the ability to change shape under light of the full moon. Some theories stating what you need to do in order to become a werewolf are quite common, such as draping yourself in wolf’s clothing. And there are so many different theories that it’s hard to shock anyone with new ways to become a werewolf. But here are seven of some of the weirdest ways to become a werewolf that I’ve ever heard of.

1.) Drinking water or eating the dust from a wolf’s footprint. I’m not sure if it can be rainwater or if it must be water that’s fallen off the wolf. And the dust? Again, not too sure. In any case, you have to be pretty dedicated to the cause to try this method.

2.) Drinking downstream from wolves. I shudder to think what contact this would give you with the wolf for it to be enough to change you into a werewolf.

3.) Eating a wolf’s brain. Now that’s just gross.

4.) Having dreams that you are running with wolves. And how exactly is one supposed to control their dreams?

5.) Sleeping under the full moon on a Friday night with the moon shining directly on your face. Again, this takes quite a bit of dedication.

6.) Picking a white flower that is extremely rare and grows only in the Balkan area. This makes you wonder how those werewolves in other parts of the world came to be.

7.) Having sex with a werewolf. This may be fun and it may even work. There is the off chance though that you will not survive long enough to see the change take place.

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kate • November 24, 2009

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