Seven of the Weirdest Ways to Become a Werewolf

It’s seems that we always want what we can’t have, doesn’t it? Those who are werewolves don’t want to be and those that aren’t will try just about anything to gain the ability to change shape under light of the full moon. Some theories stating what you need to do in order to become a werewolf are quite common, such as draping yourself in wolf’s clothing. And there are so many different theories that it’s hard to shock anyone with new ways to become a werewolf. But here are seven of some of the weirdest ways to become a werewolf that I’ve ever heard of.

1.) Drinking water or eating the dust from a wolf’s footprint. I’m not sure if it can be rainwater or if it must be water that’s fallen off the wolf. And the dust? Again, not too sure. In any case, you have to be pretty dedicated to the cause to try this method.

2.) Drinking downstream from wolves. I shudder to think what contact this would give you with the wolf for it to be enough to change you into a werewolf.

3.) Eating a wolf’s brain. Now that’s just gross.

4.) Having dreams that you are running with wolves. And how exactly is one supposed to control their dreams?

5.) Sleeping under the full moon on a Friday night with the moon shining directly on your face. Again, this takes quite a bit of dedication.

6.) Picking a white flower that is extremely rare and grows only in the Balkan area. This makes you wonder how those werewolves in other parts of the world came to be.

7.) Having sex with a werewolf. This may be fun and it may even work. There is the off chance though that you will not survive long enough to see the change take place.


  1. 7.) Having sex with a werewolf. = Dead

    There’s a variation of the first one present in one anime called “Those who hunt Elves”. Celcia drinks the water from a Panda Footprint, not a Wolf, but the metod is the same.

    But having Sex… I think that is more easy you touch a Werewolf and survive…

    1. I had sex with a werewolf last night in my dream and odd enough it didnt even want to attack me perhaps that in spring it doesnt care as long as it wants to have sex. Then again it was only a dream and this was the first dream I have actually had of a werewolf and actually felt something.

    2. I would do almost anything to become a werewolf.(not the brain eating because I am not going to eat the brain of the coolest creature ever.)I have actually read a blog about that if the guy is the werewolf and the girl is not, she would like it more.

  2. I’ve recently just seen all the above weird methods while researching (but then weird is relatively if I’m someone who wants to become a werewolf right?). Anyway i think sex with a female werewolf might be an erotic dream (/snuff movie) movie come true for lots of people!

    That said, eating the wolve’s brain is just gross and if i were a wolf i would take offence…

  3. Have you ever felt like you don’t know who u are…and this could all be crazy…but I’m willing to think maybe it all real…there could be another world in ours…is it possible for use to become this (werewolve(s)I want to know if I should look into to it more or just shut it out of my mind

  4. I am one who would love to be a werewolf. me and my boyfriend are trying hard to become one. would being bitten work? because there is a werewolf in my state.

    1. Yes Paige, if you are bitten by a werewolf you can be turned into one but the chances of surviving is short, but a better way is if your blood is mixed with one but the werewolves blood must be in your body

      1. Trust me… ive done the research and it HURTS if it doesn’t break your neck (or wherever you were bitten). You DO NOT want to be bitten by a werewolf. I might also add that if you were to piss that werewolf off in any way, they would do more than just bite you.

  5. if you really want to become something your not then you should try guided meditation or a combination of peyote and certain native american/shamanic rituals.
    all observable physical phenomenon is connected to our own consciousness, and maybe some phenomenon that isnt readily observable.
    nothing is 100% certain.. all things could be true as well as untrue…
    whether somthing is “real” or not could very well be wholy up to YOU.
    if you dont like that there’s always genetic experimentation… but becoming a lab rat for that stuff is about as safe as intercourse with a randy lycanthrope.
    if your interested you should go find an entrance out at Dulce New Mexico.. im sure they’d be more than happy to meet with you.. ALL OF THEM.. LOL!
    good luck
    and remember:
    turn on
    tune in
    drop out

    dont do school
    stay in drugs,


  6. I dont know, if I had the chance I would try some of this stuff( drinking from a wolves pawprint, sleeping in the moonlight, picking the flower, drinking downstream from a wolf) but seriously when am I going to be able to do that?!?! well maybe the sleeping in the moonlight on friday night but everything else would be nigh impossible which is why I guess it is hard to prove these things wrong, wouldnt mind trying it though. Oh and having sex with a werewolf? seriously? I think that they might kill you before that would happen -.-

    1. The only way that i know of to become a werewolf is to have our venom running through your veins. That is how became and anyone who is bitten will become.

  7. hmm having sex with a werewolf that sounds fun even though im a boy, lol but the werewolf would probaly kill u, also those of u who wonder if they should reconsider looking into the werewolf topic, 1 word: dont werewolves are amazing and graceful and everyone should no that
    yours truly, innerwolf8

  8. Werewolf sex… kinky and that would be amazing, I doubt you would die, because if its in the mood for sex its going to boink and then leave. I doubt it would be like ” i just humped u now Im’a eat you”

  9. More or less…even if the werewolf was in the mood 4 sex…the werewolf would prolly kill u WHILE havin sex wit ya…even if they dont want 2 kill u….=P…kinda stupid idea 2 even try and get near a werewolf at night in fact…it just might b hunting 4 food when u meet it (in which…u will b the food)

  10. i seriously considered all of this except eating wolf brains, oh and vika i say do it to it,but seriously who wouldnt wanna be that great but there is 1 downfall of this proposition…GOD DAMN WEREWOLF HUNTERS i meen seriously who in there right minds would make it there life long dream to kill the greatest creature on this planet. i hope all of these ways to become a werwolf are succesful or at least one i would trade just about every thing to become a werwolf and try every thing so if any 1 wanna get together and try pleas write and if you are a werwolf pleas pleas write. and innerwolf8 you r so right.oh ya i almost 4got all u vamp fans can suck it.

  11. I’m a werwolf. I was changed by so friends of mine that are werewolves. But a guy wolf changing a girl into a woolf is more of a romantic thing like kissing and gentally biting the neck and that. And yes I am a girl wolf. Newly changed

    1. bullshit, i still dont think its possible. All this werewolf thing is all bullshit, no one can change into a beast.its funny that people often believe its true.

      1. Listen here pal… Me and my pack don’t take kindly to this kind of defamation. YOU ARE BULLSHIT!!! – Lycaon of Arcadia

  12. What about turning 13 on a Friday the 13th.Yes that is me and in the past few days I am alot stronger,faster,smarter,my searing in better and my eyesight is decreasing fast.Also I can howl like a real wolf.

    1. I have seen a blog the says that if the guy is in his werewolf form and the girl is a regular person, then the girl would have like it much more.

  13. there is only one way to become part of the wolf.. it requires several steps.. the first is to find a pureblood wolf-then drink his blood so it joins with yours,incantations with a full moon,eat meat and drink water only,if theres a full moon-bathe in it, run the woods/forest at night when the moon is full,find a wolfpack and join them for a shortperiod of time..and your eyesight will become better,your strength will increase,you will run fast,your agility skills will improve 100%- you will be able to do things you never knew you could..

  14. I have an answer to number four! Lucid dreaming! Takes a lot of practice and may not work 100% of the time but you can bend your dream to your will.

  15. I did sleep under a full moon on Friday night a couple of times. But please don’t tell my family I am a werewolf or they will put me into the mental hospital again.

  16. Hi people i am 15 years old and i alwas loved dogs i play with them. i live in a very small village in cyprus and my best friends name was kemal and his sister hatice we do everything together they are older then me so they teach me a lot of things about the earth. hatice and kemal could not alwas hang out with me because they had friends and they called them there brothers and sisters but they would not let me go with them. one day kemal came back with blood all over him i asked him what happend and he told me his brothers and sisters dont want him anymore. and he said they had a fight. i was angry and i whent ater them to tell them that they did a really bad thing. when i whent a boy called huseyin got very angry and told me to not talk to him but i was telling him he was stupid and careless. after 10 minutes of me saying that to him he attaced me and tryed to kill me he looked just like a wolf. thats all i could remember. then i woke up in hospital and they told me a wild dog attaced me. i new that was not true. i feld much better after 2 days. i alwas wanterd to go and kill and i got stronger and faster. then huseyin came to me and said sorry and he told me what they really where he said they where werewolves and they took me in the pack. now i am a werewolf and i live with the pack at night and in the day im a normal person. i later found out why kemal was attaced it was because he killed a man.

  17. being a were wolf is not as fun as it sound :/ when all my othere friends go out at night i have to go with the pack. if u really want to be a werewolf i know some easy ways. and i would love to help anyone who wants to be a werewolf.

    1. I would love to become a werewolf. My life seems to be boring and i think that it might be more fun. It’s also my life’s wish to become a wolf. Please tell me how to become one.

  18. okay. please tell me your not all making this up. if you are i will be well pissed. if your not, then please, please change me. my life is hell and if i were a wolf i think i might be able to salvage it. change me i beg you! the only problem is i cant just go around flaunting my contact details…

    1. These are based on old folktales that people once believed. They aren’t actually true. And no one here can turn you.

  19. I had a dream that I had sex with a werewolf and the last thimg we did was kiss. In the morning, my lips were wet like I had really been kissed. And I was sore.

    1. I Had a dream recently where I had sex with a werewolf too. I was actually camping in the woods near my dads house and I had went to sleep in my tent around 9pm that night..when I woke up In the dream I was in the tent and heard something outside so I was going to investigate but just after I had opened the tent to go check I was slammed back into the tent and landed on by a huge it was tearing my clothes off and gouging deep scratches in my legs I saw to my surprise and horror it was a huge humanoid wolf thing and I knew it was avwerewolf even inbetween my I’m a guy and though I’m also gay I could never have been prepared for what happened next..the thing raped me..tore me open cause it was so big down there and durring that I passed out..when I woke up I was in my tent and more than half the next day had passed..I also had marks on my legs that looked like scars and my ass hurt..this was actually on the last night of the last full moon!..does this mean I’m a werewolf now?!

      1. Hey Nicholas wulf, Lycaon of Arcadia here, yes you are one of us. I welcome you into our community, if you are ever in the south Boston area me and my pack will gladly welcome you.

  20. Ok. I have loved were wolves for what? Three years now and I have got the real carictor man! It’s almost Halloween and now I find this? Grrrrr. I could of done this years ago!!!!

  21. I want to be change too. but I have a spirit of a wolf. but nothing happen. but I went to the eye doctor. they take pic of inside of my eyes, but I didn’t know that I have blue eyes inside. & white dots floating round in inside my eyes. but I still have no blood of a wolf. but can anyone send wolf blood to me. that would be great. it would kind like a missions. for a werewolf missions.

  22. After readin alot of your commets,thats not a fun life there is responsibility and consequences, your alone , dont like people.ive got some tripy stories about werewolfs , ps I dont think iam one

    1. I had a dream that I was a wolf running through woods, then across an open field. Running right for the old farm house I was raised in. As I got closer, I saw a tall chain linked fence was around the house. As I got to the fence, I jumped over it and ran for the front door. As I got to the front door, I started to rip and tear at it. Wood was splintering and flying everywhere. I could see my clawed hands. Right out of a monster movie. Then the door gave way into a shower of split shards of wood. Then I woke up. I had this dream once a month for many years. The last time I had this dream, I made it into the farmhouse. There was my family. Dad, mom and my siblings. What ended the mystery dream, ended in a nightmare that will haunt me until my last breath. I attacked and ripped my family apart. It was so real, I thank God it was only a dream. I have not had that dream now for about twenty years, and hope I never have it again.

      1. I am having the same problem. The diffrence is that i daydream… and also whenever my “wolf self” is in pain, or needs “guidance,” it throws me into a “wolf moment” (i call it that for easier explaining). Its interesting to think your in 2 places at once, yet its also kind of scary as well.

        My “wolf moments” are still around to this day. They happen quite often too.

  23. my name is Callen i to want to be a wearwolf , ive read saying a spell/chant on the full moon 10 times will work im trying it next full moon

    1. I am Ranwolf, the last thing anyone wants to do is become that in which they cannot control. If you truly think you will turn into this big beautiful super hero werewolf, and impress the world, think again. You may have someone who claims to be a werewolf, and tells you how glamorous it is. Well, lets just say if you fallow through and succeed, right before your next change, drag that person away with you. That person will never brag again. But back to the change. Not only is the change very painful, you have no memory of what you did during your cycle. When you change back, its usually in the middle of a forest and if you are lucky, after your next cycle you will wake somewhere close to civilization. So Callen, there are werewolves. Be careful what you wish for. If you in anyway like your life the way it is…. Leave any notion of change in your dreams…. where they can’t haunt you forever. But then, to become a werewolf…. chants won’t work.

      1. I have to agree, years after this post. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who is naive enough to believe that a transformation into something they know nothing of… Is blinded by nothing more than the Hollywood twist on reality. I have met many people, seen many things – it gives me the greater understanding about beings as a whole. Don’t ask to be something you’re not. Chants or a muddy paw print cannot give you what you want. Their society isn’t stupid enough to let just anyone in, either.

  24. Ranwolf you tell them iam with you on that view . I could tell girls iam a werewolf to get laid lol but that be shallow , that take care of the bite cuz I bite hard and lock on the neck during sex , ha ha

  25. I had a dream that at 12:00 at night I was in the forest and I transformed into a werewolf and I ran as quick as I could and smashed through the window, my sister started screaming and by time my dad came I ripped my sisters throat out and mauled my dad to death and i woke up in the forest.

    the next I woke up aching all over and since then I’ve had anger that’s uncontrollable and I get sudden cravings for blood…

    what I’ve said is 100% true.

    so someone help me and tell me if i am a werewolf….

  26. you asked how to control your dreams, fortunately as time goes on technology makes the impossible possible. If you really want to do the thing listed in option number 4 i recommend investing in a Remee sleep mask, but seriously this mask will project certain patterns in a built in LED you watch these patterns and they re occur in your dream you can then access a lucid state on demand.

  27. Does that dream thing apply to other animals? Like if I dreamed I saw a koala would I become a were-koala and get a taste for eucalyptus leaves and do nothing but sleep?

  28. what if you kissed a werewolf? i just thought about that after seeing the drinking downstream from them option. that’s a crazy kiss though.

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