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Self-professed Vampire Stabs “Werewolf”

I am never one for blaming media—not movies, not video games, not TV, not the Internet, not music, nada, nothing—whenever a nutjob does something crazy. A nutjob who is prone to doing something crazy is going to find something to serve as a catalyst, and if nothing exists then the nutjob will make something up. Nobody has ever committed a violent act because they watched a movie or TV show or played a video game or listened to a record. Not once, not ever. Always the mental defect and the urge to violence was already present.

That being said, and despite the fact that I am a staunch supporter of individual liberties, check out this case, wherein a 22-year-old woman named Ekaterina Tirskaya, who believed she was Nina Dobrev’s character from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, attacked and stabbed a man with a knife because (she said) he was a werewolf and she had a mission to kill werewolves. Is she just nuts? A Russian court said she was sane. (Well, if they say so….)

Is there any inherent danger in roleplaying? In make-believe? Every day I see dozens of people on the trusty ol’ Interwebs pretending they are supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves. They spend most of their time arguing with each other on social media. I’ve always said, if you wanna pretend you’re a vampire or a werewolf or whatever, so long as you’re not hurting anybody, go for it. But does such a “movement” attract people with mental or emotional problems? Is it a recipe for trouble? As I abhor any suggestion of censorship, there’s nothing to be done for it, even if it is true, except to comment on it and warn against it. For example, if you are dating a girl and she tells you she is a fictional character from a TV show, don’t turn your back around her.

The Evil Cheezman • November 27, 2018

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