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Secret Clues in STRANGER THINGS Season Three Poster

The selection of July 4th for the debut of the third season of the smash Netflix series was a genius move. They want it to be all about summer and summer vacation and all, and what better way for STRANGER THINGS fans to celebrate than by binging the new series over the long Independence Day weekend. (July 4th falls on a Thursday this year, in case you’re too lazy to go flip ahead on your nearest calendar.) The newly-released poster for season three reveals the date, and features the teen stars of the series enjoying a fireworks show. But is there more to the poster than that? Are there in fact clues about the third season, specifically hints about the season’s monster?

The things—are those legs—at the bottom of the poster aren’t exactly hidden, now are they? But neither do we know what they *are.* They look like giant spider’s legs. Does that mean that the creature from IT followed Finn Wolfhard home from the movie they starred in together? Then again those could be the roots of trees, so maybe it’s the giant killer tree from EVIL DEAD 2? Some fans see rats in the legs/roots/whatever, whereas some are really into the hidden symbolism that may or may not be found in the image. Does the number of stripes on the characters’ socks mean anything?

The Evil Cheezman • January 18, 2019

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