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Secondhand Werewolf

I belong to this Facebook group, “Weird Secondhand Finds” I think it’s called. Someone had shared this photograph; I don’t recall the person’s name or I would credit him or her. If you are by chance the person who took this photograph, if you just happen to come across it here on this site, just shoot me a message and I’ll be sure to give you proper credit. Anyway, let’s discuss the object itself, the werewolf model. Why do I never come across life-sized werewolf models when I visit the thrift stores in my neck of the woods? I for sure would have brought this bad boy home with me had I chanced upon him, waiting there in the store for a new home. Don’t know where I would have put him, but I would’ve figured out something.

I wonder about the origin of this model. Is it from a movie? More likely, I think, it’s a Halloween decoration, an elaborate, expensive one. It reminds me of the Evil Ed werewolf from the original FRIGHT NIGHT. Also the long arms put me in mind of the werewolf character from Harry Potter. The one that isn’t Gary Oldman’s character; I’m really not down with my Harry Potter lore. I just remember the werewolf from one of the movies my wife took me to see because she didn’t want to go alone. As I recall that werewolf had long forelimbs. It didn’t have this werewolf’s nice smile, though.

The Evil Cheezman • January 9, 2020

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