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Satanic Temple Divided Against Itself

The Satanic Temple out of Salem, Massachusetts, is doing some good work these days. They’re taking a stand for separation of Church and State and defending individual liberties. But they are an organization made up of human beings and, as one of their tenets reminds us, human beings are fallible creatures. We shouldn’t expect them to behave perfectly, or to agree on everything, or to always make the right decisions. The Temple has recently experienced a schism. A branch in Portland, Oregon, announced its separation from the main organization after the latter hired a lawyer named Marc Randazza to represent it in a lawsuit against Twitter. The problem is, Randazza formerly represented rightwing conspiracy nutjob Alex Jones. The satanic Templars in Portland had a problem with associating with Randazza on moral grounds, because of his one degree of separation from Jones. If you agree to represent in court a man like Jones, are you guilty by association? If you lie down with dogs, do you end up in need of a flea dip?

“We sincerely appreciate the support we’ve received from our local community and while we are thankful for the greater community we have come to know through The Satanic Temple, we have lost all confidence in National Council’s ability to adequately address our concerns,” say the Portlanders. Is this to be the Satanic Temple equivalent of the Protestant Reformation?

The Evil Cheezman • September 4, 2018

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