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This is a Horror movie waiting to happen. In Japan, they’re having problems with wild boars. A wild hog can get big, really big, and really nasty. In a short time, a feral hog will grow body hair and big-ass tusks and potentially pose a real threat, if encountered, to human beings, not to mention the environment. Pigs will eat ANYTHING, and they can be extremely aggressive. That’s how it is in America, and I would assume it works the same way in Japan. What would it take, then, to put the fear of gods into a big, nasty, carnivorous tusker? The Robotic Super Monster Wolf, that’s what!

The Japanese killed off all their real wolves a couple of centuries ago. (And now they have a wild pig surplus. Wow. How did nobody see that one coming?) To take up the slack, a brilliant mad scientist created these robotic predators. Take a gander at that thing! Freaky-scary-awesome, innit? The “Super Monster Wolf” (I love how Japanese terms translate into English) operates on motion sensors and emits a deafening realistic howl whenever a big pig comes near, thus frightening the predatory porcines into hysterics. It doesn’t look like the Super Monster Wolf is equipped to give chase; at least version 1.0 isn’t. You know upgrades are inevitable.

Like a said. Horror movie waiting to happen.

And yes, I want my own Super Monster Wolf.

The Evil Cheezman • March 27, 2018

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