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Robo-Wolves Return!

Well, not yet. But we’re just one small step away from it. And as is the case with any sequel worth its salt, the stakes are higher here, the threat and/or the monsters bigger—and the budget too! You may remember me reporting on the robotic wolves of Japan, the “Super Monster Wolf” built to take the place of the real wolves that the Japanese people killed off in bygone years. Those robo-wolves are on the side of law and order, working to keep wild hogs away from crops and private property. They do their jobs without actually needing to move, though. They look and sound scary enough without it.

There are now robo-dogs, too. And unlike the robo-wolves, these mecha-canines are mobile! They too work on the side of justice, literally. They are robotic police dogs. As much as the idea of robotic police dogs causes some people concern, though, can you imagine if they used the same technology to mobilize those robo-wolves in Japan? The mechanical wolves could be programmed to chase the wild hogs that are a problem in Japan; hunt down and kill them, even, just like a flesh-and-blood predator would do. But a tiny glitch in the programming could result in one or more of those robo-wolves turning on humans. It would be a lupine Terminator!

The Evil Cheezman • December 3, 2019

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