Robert Patrick is Returning to True Blood

Please don’t attack me! But yes, I am bringing you True Blood news today. I know I know, most of you despise the show and the weak vampire-obsessed werewolves in it. But that doesn’t mean I should stop reporting the bits of True Blood werewolf news I get. SO, that being said, I have news! Robert Patrick, who played the werewolf Jackson, Alcide’s father, is returning for Season 6 of True Blood.

Even though the overall plotline of season 6 is still a bit of a mystery, it seems as if new showrunner Mark Hudis (hurray for Alan Ball being gone!) intends to pursue some of the left over plot threads introduced by the last season. One of which is that of Alcide Herveaux’s father, Jackson, played by Robert Patrick.

It has been reported that Robert Patrick will return to True Blood in season 6 as a series regular. Reprising his role of former werewolf Packmaster Jackson Herveaux. As some know, Patrick has previously appeared in three episodes of True Blood Season 5.

Now this is the point where you bitch about how much you hate True Blood. Haha. But before you do, keep in mind that Alan Ball is no longer running the show, there is a whole new top dog taking over and it’s possible he may switch things up werewolf-wise. Maybe, maybe not. I guess we will have to wait and see. I hope he makes a lot of changes, I am not a huge fan of True Blood myself, it has potential, but Alan Ball and the writers just fucked it up. I am hoping for good characters and solid storytelling. Not too much to ask, right?

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    1. Lol, pretty much. That damn show keeps disappointing me. But I still have to share werewolf news. If only I had better news to share.

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