Riley Keough Added to Jack and Diane Cast

The cast of Jack & Diane is an ever-changing constantly shifting series of nonsense; the movie has yet to even start filming. At this point, I can’t say I blame anyone for walking off the film. Whatever the director and producers are doing, it sure as hell isn’t making a movie. I’ve said this at least twice before, while complaining about Ellen selling out, and Alison Pill ditching the project, but now the girl playing Jack has bailed too! Olivia Thirlby, specifically, was set to play Jack, –and she apparently has either lost patience, or come up with some other reason for abandoning the project.

Now, Riley Keough, grand-daughter of the one and only Elvis Presley, has stepped in to fill her shoes. The shoes must be pretty tight and annoying seeing as how everyone else has discarded them. I actually do hold out some hope for Keough, and not just because I’m a massive Elvis fan, –but because she’s a fashion model trying to break into an acting career. She’s only had one role really, –in The Runaways, and Riley seems like she’s ready to get things on track. Her other project, The Good Doctor, is in post-production, so we’ll get to see more of her skills pretty soon.

Keough is going to be playing Diane Nixon, a young patient with a kidney infection, who’s kept ill in order to make her ‘Good Doctor’ gain the respect he craves. Perhaps ironically, she’ll be playing Jack, opposite a character named Diane, in this film. Jack and Diane is set to begin production this June, in New York.

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