Review: Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets

It’s book review time! Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets is a new anthology which features a handful of short stories about our beloved werewolves. I recently got my hands on this one and I’ve got to admit, I’m in furry, fang-filled love.

“Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets is a collection of twenty-five claw-biting short stories that explore the myth of the werewolf and the lure of the full moon. From gladiator fights and cursed blood lines to secret societies and anonymous meetings, the following talented authors have turned the mysteries of the werewolf inside out: Matthew S. Dent, Jay Raven, Kelly Metz, Christopher Jacobsmeyer, Mark Souza, Dale Carothers, David Bernstein, Scott M. Sandridge, Marianne Halbert, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, J. Leigh Bailey, Dylan J. Morgan, Edward McKeown, F.J.R. Titchenell, Patricia Puckett, Jessy Marie Roberts, Ben Langhinrichs, Kiki Howell, D. Nathan Hilliard, Frank Summers, Christopher Heath, Rob Rosen, Carl Hose, Stephanie L. Morrell, and Lawrence R. Dagstine.”

Like most anthologies you’ve got a wide assortment of stories, some good and some eh… not so good.  Luckily, most of the stories in Silver Moon, Bloody Bullet are fantastic! Such as “The Mystery of St. Mary’s Morgue” by Matthew S. Dent, which was so well written that I could picture every scene, every moment, perfectly. “The In Crowd” by Patricia Puckett was also an excellent story, taking the hell that is high school “in crowds” and switching it up a bit while keeping true to the pains of being a teen. On top of stories featuring the classic ferocious werewolves, there were also unique stories like “Exodus” by Jessy Marie Roberts, a story set in the future and on another planet – definitely not your classic werewolf tale, yet just as kickass.

Overall, Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets is an excellent collection. It really does have a little something for everyone. Some stories shine more than others, but it’s definitely worth picking up just for those amazing tales.

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  1. I’m still reading Running with the Pack, it got set to the side to get some other stuff done and another book read that was to be finished before it.

    So this will have be found and added to my read pile.

  2. Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets is one hell of a werewolf anthology with some real kick-ass quality short stories, however, I have the elctronic version on my Kindle and the text is so badly formatted that it does detract from what could be a near-perfect reading experience about our fanged and furry friends.
    It’s such a shame, because some of the stories rate up there with the best.

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