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Review: RAW

Make no mistake, my friends. RAW is a werewolf movie. It isn’t called a werewolf movie. The lead character at no point sprouts fangs or fur. There are no references to full moons, wolfsbane, silver bullets, or any of the other tropes. The heroine of the piece does not undergo an outwardly physical transformation. Her transformation is mental, or, one might argue, spiritual. Yet RAW represents the most realistic portrayal of Lycanthropy that I have ever seen in a movie. After a lifelong vegetarian gets her first taste of meat, her bloodthirst grows exponentially, driving her to some disturbing behavior and actions. She is incapable of helping herself. It is a demystifying, un-glamorizing portrayal of werewolfism. What Guillermo del Toro did for vampires in his excellent film CRONOS, removing all sense of chic from vampirism, stripping the vampire of its romanticism and even its menace, turning it into a being of pity, RAW does for werewolves.

Don’t watch RAW if you hate foreign films or reading subtitles. Don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach. And don’t watch it expecting a standard Horror flick. This is revisionist stuff, here. Potent. This is cannibalism as Arthouse film. If you want to see a technically flawless and unflinching portrayal of a person being consumed by a compulsion impossible to resist or even understand, this is your cup of bloody tea. This one is worthy of all the accolades.

The Evil Cheezman • October 1, 2017

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