Review: PENNY DREADFUL the Comic Book, issues 5 and 6

I’m gonna have to combine my reviews of the past two issues, because I’ve been super busy and had fallen behind in my regular visits to my neighborhood comic shop. I bought both issues together and read then both together. Here are some random thoughts of the series and where it’s going:

Chris King is really coming into his own as the chronicler of this story. His dialogue is becoming more polished. It reads more like something John Logan would have written. The artwork is growing on me. It suits the atmosphere of the book, dark and shadowy. It seems that Lily really is good now, with no ulterior motives. She’s still badass, though. I loved that scene of her kicking Belial in the face. Speaking of Belial, now that he’s been spurned by Lucifer, I look for him to do a Face-Turn. I didn’t for a minute believe we’d seen the last of Sir Malcolm when he got killed. Turns out I was right. Not only does Dr. Frankenstein have the body, and plans for it, but Sir Malcolm is back as a ghost. I dig it.

Catriona hardly had the chance to do anything in the TV series before John Logan prematurely and cruelly pulled the plug, but she is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. She kicks ass. Jekyll is back, and it seems he is now undergoing those occasional transformations into Hyde, and not without Frankenstein’s knowledge. To battle Lucifer, the good guys are going to have to enlist the aid of Dracula. Sweet. Dorian Grey is back. How soon before he turns on his “master”? Not long, I’m betting.

Where in the blue hell is the Monster? Six issues in, and we still haven’t seen him!

By The Evil Cheezman

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