Review of the Upcoming Comic Ursa Minor

Coming soon is the comic Ursa Minor, the latest miniseries by Big Dog Ink and Tom Hutchison.  I was lucky enough to get an early look at the first issue of this kickass comic and I’ve got my verdict below. Bababuuum! Check it out:

“After a pack of werewolves assassinates the President during the televised inauguration, nature’s supernatural balance is shattered as the vampires come to the aide of mankind. Now one girl, with a power she can barely control, sets out to fix what has gone horribly wrong the only way she knows how. Kill them all.”

Writer: Tom Hutchison
Artist: Ian Snyder

Here’s my break down:

Artwork: 4 out of 5
The cover of Ursa Minor is fantastic and the interior art is also great – points to Ian Snyder. All of the supernatural beasties from the werewolves to the fairies looked badass. This is definitely a visually appealing comic.

Story: 4.5 out of 5
The story begins in 2013 at the Presidential inauguration where two werewolves make their presence known by killing the President and two other people. The US begins a witch hunt trying to find and kill all the werewolves which leads to the vampires revealing themselves and offering to protect the humans and kill the wolves. Other mythical creatures come out into the open during the werewolf hunts, like fairies, other were-creatures, yeti, and many more. Like all first issues of all comics, this one was a set up of what’s to come. We get a peek at this new supernaturally filled world, we get some drama and conflict and we even get some hot fairy ass (this is totally not a comic for kids). The story is clever and entertaining so far and has a lot of potential to get even better. I was impressed.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first issue of Ursa Minor and look forward to what Big Dog Ink comes out with next. I totally recommend this one to the werewolf lovin’ comic fans.

– Moonlight

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