Review of Revere: Revolution in Silver

Historical and supernatural mashups can be found everywhere – books, films and yes, even comics. I recently checked out the first issue of a comic that combines werewolves with the American legend Paul Revere – Revere: Revolution in Silver. A silversmith and werewolves… clever clever. Check out my thoughts on the pair up below.

“When a supernatural killer stalks the townspeople of Boston, renowned silversmith and monster hunter Paul Revere is called in to fight the evil. While tracking down clues to the killer’s identity, the first shots of the Revolution are fired, and Revere finds himself battling a war on two fronts in a struggle to save his family.Revere battles a marauding band of outlaw Redcoats led by a bloodthirsty general, rescues a damsel in distress, and saves a lost soul from demons of the past. All of this sets the stage for a climactic battle at the Old North Church, where enemies become allies in an effort to save the land from this unspeakable terror. And in the end, Revere finds the fate of his beloved wife lies in the hands of the only werewolf he couldn’t bring himself to kill…”

Writer: Ed Lavallee
Artist: Grant Bond

Here’s the break down:

Artwork: 5 out of 5
I loved the artwork in this comic! Bond did an amazing job capturing the historical feel of the setting without making it feel too old and dull. I loved the style of art, the colors and the tone the work sets. Major points to the artist. The only thing I didn’t care for was the actual design of the werewolf, it just didn’t look very wolf-like to me. I prefer my werewolves to have some wolf characteristics.

Story: 2 out of 5
I didn’t read the entire comic, just the preview issue, and after that sneak peek I have no desire to read on. The story thus far was quite boring and slow moving. Other than cleverly making Revere a werewolf hunter, there wasn’t much else that was innovative or exciting. Also, the writing felt choppy to me, it didn’t flow smoothly at all. I was not impressed.

Overall, I adored the artwork, but that was the only thing I liked about this comic. It’s not one I will continue reading.

Have any of you read Revere: Revolution in Silver? If so, what did you think?

– Moonlight

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  1. Ha! Ed is a friend of mine and he’s been pushing this book for years so I’m happy to see it get reviewed here. I’m always hearing people talk about how they want violent, brutal werewolves instead of the nicer types. Revere will most definitely give you the werewolves you want!

    1. Also, there’s a lot more to the story than what’s in the preview. The first volume is out in hardback now and you’ll see a lot more monster action and story than what you get in the preview. And I can promise you that it is NOT slow.

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