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Oh yes, another comic review, because I am a damned comic book junkie. Cigarettes, coffee and comics – my big bad C-addictions. Today’s comic is BloodRayne: Lycan Rex . I have been a HUGE BloodRayne fan ever since the original video games (which top my fave games list) and was thrilled when I found out a while back that there’s a massive amount of BloodRayne comics based on the games. One of those many comics features the dhampir (half human, half vampire) Rayne battling it out with werewolves.

Description of BloodRayne: Lycan Rex:

“This comic follows BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin. Rayne has battled evil as long as she can remember… but this is a first for even her – Werewolves! That’s right, Agent Rayne goes up against an army of werewolves all being controlled by the mysterious Lycan Rex. Their mission: to bring the Brimstone Society to its knees. It’s fur, fangs and fury as BloodRayne takes on her most harrowing mission yet…but could this possibly be the end?”

Here’s my break down:

Art: 4 out of 5
The cover art is pretty rad. The werewolves on the cover look amazing and Rayne looks as sexy and wicked as usual. Although, some of the images of her in this comic make it look as if her clothes are about to fall off. But hey, she is the queen of sex appeal. The inside art was pretty good too, but, while I liked the style in general, it didn’t fit this story. It was too cartoony for such a dark and badass comic. I did love the bold and bright colors in spite of everything, they made my eyes happy.

Story: 4 out of 5
This was a quick, one-shot, one issue comic, but even with it being a short story it was a good one. The overall plot may not have been the most creative, but I found it entertaining. Watching Rayne kick ass always entertains me. Even though the werewolves were the bad guys here, they still rocked.

Overall I really enjoyed this little comic. There are two of my favorite things in it – Rayne and werewolves.

Have any of you read this comic? If so, what did you think? If you haven’t, will you give it a shot?

– Moonlight

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