Review for War Wolves (2009)

This movie is set up to be absolutely awesome; casting horror legends like Tim Thomerson, and Martin Kove, with other known B-grade horror names like Art La Fleur, Adrienne Barbeaux, and John Saxon. The plot sets itself up pretty smoothly with the classic flashback scenario; male and female soldiers working together in Iraq, everyone’s friendly, and familiar. During a firefight with locals, some strange looking natives attack the soldiers. Fade out, and six months later, leading character Jake Gabriel is living in California with the fake name Lawrence Talbot, –the film’s homage to the original Wolf Man.

As it turns out, he’s a werewolf now, –those natives in Iraq were apparently werewolves, though they were referred to once as the “dog men.” Jake/Lawrence, is also being hunted down by a few females from his group in Iraq, –they were also attacked, and transformed. Now that they’re out of the service and on their own, the girls are searching for their alpha male, which they believe has to be Jake. Other than forcing him to join them, the girls seem to have no other actual agenda. This is where the movie starts to go a little downhill.

Hunters enter the scene next; John Saxon and Tim Thomerson play two cranky old geriatric werewolf hunters. While the shewolves and the werewolves under their thrall do their best to convince Jake to join up, the old werewolf hunters fight the good fight, amidst loads of crazy situations. And through all this, a rambling drunken woman talks a bunch of nonsense about UFOs and Elvis conspiracy theories. Overall, the movie could have been a lot more interesting if there was a story involved, instead of just a random series of events.


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