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Reports from the First Annual Alabama Bigfoot Conference: The White Thang

That isn’t a typo. It is called the White “Thang,” not the White “Thing.” This is a creature from Alabama folklore, you must remember. I have my own personal connection to the White Thang. You can read about it here.

One of the stories shared at the Bigfoot conference involved the White Thang. Permit me to share it with you. In the latter days of the Nineteenth Century, a young woman was riding home on a horse with her small baby in her arms. The White Thang appeared and started to chase her. She tried to outrun the beast but it kept pace with her horse. Fearing it would catch her, she tossed her infant up onto the roof of a shed on the side of the trail and kept riding, with the White Thang in pursuit. Neither the woman nor her horse were ever seen again, but the baby on the roof was found unharmed.

Now obviously there are some problems with this story. For one, if the only ones involved were the woman and the White Thang, who served as witness? The baby couldn’t tell anybody what had happened. And if there was an eyewitness, why didn’t this person attempt to aid the woman? And what are the odds of pitching an infant any distance at all without the child suffering injury, if not being killed? The story may have a basis in truth. A mysterious disappearance. A baby found but the mother gone missing. Horse tracks and large footprints. Or it could be pure hogwash. It’s a good story, though.

The Evil Cheezman • October 17, 2019

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