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Reboot of “The Howling” On Its Way?!

“”The Howling” was a 1981 werewolf-themed horror film directed by Joe Dante, who also directed “Gremlins.” Made for $1.5 million, the movie went on to gross $18 million in its initial theatrical release.” 

Grab your Wolfsbane and silver everyone because there’s going to be reboot of the classic werewolf flick, The Howling which is a very big deal considering the original series was a big success resulting in 8 feature films. The sequels were a bit on the weird side, but the first one is still classic horror, and if anything could be said about the rest of the franchise, it’s that they were a perfect example of classic, schlocky horror. And at least none of them involved werewolves in da hood. 

At this time there’s no specific time frame when the reboot is supposed to be released but there’s already a howling demand for more (see what I did there?) If you want a fix of lycanthropic love, be sure to start at the original film and work your way up. We’ll be updating as information comes out. 

source: money.cnn.com

annimi • April 21, 2015

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