Really Bad Werewolf Books

If you’re one of those people that do occasionally stoop to literally ‘judge a book by its cover’, then we’ve got some for you to avoid. See, I just got a Kindle, and one of the great things about the Kindle is all the free ebooks, and classic novels you can put on there. However, some of these free Kindle books aren’t even worth it, and most of them fall into the supernatural romance category. We’re always on the lookout for great fiction, and we love our authors who write in and send us their review copies; but werewolf romance is a tough nut to crack, and by tough I mean, to break into this audience, you need a sledge hammer, not a spoon.

Some advice for novelists getting ready to head into the werewolf vein, –go for horror, not romance. Vampires are sexual beings, and maybe they can get away with acting fruity, and dripping glitter and wearing… blazers and t-shirts together. But werewolves are supposed to have balls. So without further ado, here are some werewolf books out there in the Kindle store that you may want to avoid (thank these guys for pointing them out, and browsing the categories of fiction we tend to avoid):

  • Mated to a Wolf by Marisa Chernery
  • Janna’s Werewolf by Fawn Lowery
  • Moon Burn by Alisa Sheckley
  • Moon Illusion by Amy O’Connor
  • Black Werewolf by Doctor T

The last one almost undid me; not for racist reasons, but for the obvious urban insertion. The setting is Detroit. As if that city needs werewolves added to gang violence, house-fires, drug wars, prostitution rampant, crime rates that are astronomical, and oppressive summer heat. Werewolves on top of it all, and it’s just going too far. Part of what makes these books so avoidable is their covers; clearly, they’ve been picked up by a publishing company that can’t afford to pay an actual artist. And having worked with authors often, it’s not always the fault of the writer; these companies won’t usually allow you to submit your own cover art, –whether it’s from a friend, or an accredited artist. If you can’t get published by a company willing to put a minimally palatable cover on your book, shop around, because it’s the first thing we see when we look at your book, –yes, even if it’s in ebook form.


  1. Yeah…. I love werewolves… but it grates to see them show up from time to time in the romance section and it’s…. I read the Asazi series and after book 2 it was like… no. Can’t handle any more sappyness and weak lines, weak character development.

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