Real Werewolf Crime: Clinical Lycanthropic Schizophrenic Murders “Vampire”

“An Atascadero man accused of murdering his neighbor has believed for 20 years that he is a werewolf, a psychologist testified Tuesday…”

It has long been known that clinical lycanthropy is an honest-to-God mental condition. The question in this case is whether this man was actually experiencing it. Another question: How far back do the mental health records go, that can prove that he was genuinely schizophrenic? We hear so many rumors about criminals that claim insanity at the time of the murder only to recant later and write best-selling “How I Did It” books. So, this is how it went down:

This crazy bastard, has been telling his therapist/psychologists/psychiatrist for 20 years that he’s a werewolf and he’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been under a certain amount of mental health supervision by professionals. No one thought it might be a good idea to become a little more involved in his case? So this guy shoots his neighbor because he thinks she is a vampire, but not just any vampire, –a vampire from which evil emanates naturally like shower steam or dry ice. Maybe there should be a new law that people who are schizophrenic should not be allowed to watch the Underworld franchise. 

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